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Written by "Jose A. Garcia Camil" on Sat, 24 Apr 1999 19:11:20 -0500.

For all of you interested: the following is a translation of an article that appeared in today's paper (Reforma) from Mexico.

They Melt the Ice Cold Pop by Carlos Meraz (translation and f..k up by Pepe Garcia Camil)

With a fresh, rythmic and technology-sustained pop, GusGus distances themselves from the typical coldness of their native Iceland and, also, from the average sound via their second LP "This is Normal".

Inspired in a "colision of other realities of mundane pop, formed by glaciar sound and a bubling techno", their new sound melts away the gelid pop in which they were classified a couple of years ago becuase of their debut "Polydistortion".

In a phone interview from Reykjiavik, Biggi Velra, programmer and keyboardist of the band, affirmed that their actual production will feature a US tour that starts in May and, possibly, Mexico City.

"I believe that we are part of traditional pop culture, we sound pop and if we are considered 'alternative' it is just a label that is useless and hurts a lot when we make music. To exactly define our sound is very hard due to the musical diversities that we use".

"Nonetheless, I believe electronic music is the future,a lot of groups have incorporated these sounds leaning on technology and the strength of electronic music".

About the title "This is normal", Biggi pointed out that it comes from a phrase used during their live shows "any true feeling is normal".

The new Lp features the songs "Ladyshave", "Teenage sensation", "Starlovers", "Superhuman", "Very important people", "Bambi", "Snoozer", "Bluemug", "Acid milk", "Love and hate" and "Dominique".

Defining their origins as "ice pop" or "Cool pop" the nine members prefer not to be part of musical labels and the only thing they dare to label their is "highly sexual pop".

"Of course our music is extremely sexual, it is becuase for me and the band is that we enjoy sex in our lives, we enjoy it and inspires us in what we eat or read".

"Becuase of that we include soem phrases in our last tour that were sex-*related, but also to enjoy life with love, smoking, smiling, flirting, talking, swimming or simply *sighing*", Biggi ponted out.



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