"Gus Gus" Name

Written by matthias walzner on Sun, 30 Mar 1997 22:36:08 +0200.

There is a small article in the new issue of the German SPIEGEL magazine (www.spiegel.de)...the magazine is comparable Time or newsweek.

Here is my not so good translation:

Icy from Iceland

Maybe it is the fault of all volcanoes with their tremendous energy or the the waterfalls benaeth the earth or the Gulf-Stream: On iceland every second is a poet, a singer, a filmmaker, an actor, a software-artist or an excentric, what adds up to a lot of artists comparing to only 250,000 inhabitants. The members of the Popband Gus Gus fulfill all creativity standards in the complete nice variety: Daniel Ágúst for example was once a Tenny Idol, Biggi Thorarinsson a Computer Specialist, Stefán Árni a director. Two of them have made an award winning Anatgarde Movie"Pleasure", and, because it was so nice, they made the icy , but altough energetic CD with the wierd title "Polydistortion", which will be released next week. The Cd fits, how could it be different, into diverse categories: Jazz, Trip Hop, Minimal-Techno, Deep House, short: Ice Hop or Cool Pop. Or, how Rainer Werner Fassbinder said in 1973: "Manchmal Gus Gus gut." "Sometimes Gus Gus good." (actually I cannot think of any German meaning of Gus). This "deep-thought" short sentence of the famous German director gave the band the name.

from Spiegel issue 14/1997, 31st March 1997

There was also a picture included.

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