Lisa Germano

Written by Jeff Keibel on Fri, 3 Apr 1998 09:05:59 -0500.

The original version of "Happiness" on Capitol from 1993 is quite different from the 4AD version that was released a year later. Both, however, are essential to Germano fans...

Capitol, 98691-2, 1993
Produced by Malcolm Burn

Around The World You Make Me Want To Wear Dresses Happiness Bad Attitude Sycophant Miamo-Tutti Energy Cowboy Puppet These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Breathe Across Texas Everyone's Victim The Darkest Night Of All

"Happiness" 4AD, CAD4005CD, 1994 Produced by Malcolm Burn with some songs ressurected from the dead by Ivo Watts-Russell

Bad Attitude Destroy The Flower Puppet Everyone's Victim Energy Cowboy Happiness The Earth Around The World Sycophant Miamo-Tutti The Dresses Song (Ivo-ified mix of "You Make Me Want To Wear Dresses") The Darkest Night Of All

The general perception is that Capitol wanted Lisa to record "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" against her wishes, something that later looks to be true by its exclusion from the 4AD version. Also, in the Capitol version, Lisa thanks people who did a mix of "You Make Me Want To Wear Dresses"... "YOU mixed version 102 of THAT SONG", a song I guess she later became sick of like Kristin must have hated "Dizzy".

In a 4AD press release, Lisa stated that the 4AD version "is darker, and makes the idea of happiness more ellusive. The contradiction is obvious, so the listener will question it that much more. Manipulated by uncontrollable outside forces, including a voodoo hex in New Orleans (where much of the album was recorded)... later consumated by sex, love and secrets."

Ultimately, the 4AD version is the better listen and 4AD definitely provides a better home for Lisa. The 4AD pre-album EP "Iconsiderate Bitch" (TAD4003CD) is a nice companion as it features five Ivo-ified tracks and moody segues that work well at expanding upon Lisa's chilly idea of happiness...


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