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nothing really new, except that i didn't realize that "lovelife", their most successful album, peaked at only #189 on the u.s. charts...

February 26, 1998
Lush Packs It In

Dream-pop band Lush has called it quits, a year and a half after releasing their last album, Lovelife. Following the suicide of drummer Chris Acland in the fall of 1996, the band's future appeared to be in doubt, but the actual breakup took longer than most insiders expected. Emma Anderson has created a new band called Sing-Sing, which is currently recording and looking for a record deal, and bassist Phillip King has been tapped to play with the Jesus and Mary Chain on their upcoming world tour.

Lush formed in London in 1988 and released a series of EPs prior to their debut album, Spooky, in 1992. They made a name for themselves that summer, joining the second year of Lollapalooza with headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ministry, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, and giving the hard-rock-hungry audiences a taste of dream-pop. Lovelife was their most successful album in the U.S., although it peaked on the charts at No. 189.

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