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(a discography)

Version 4.0  -- 23 August 1994

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+++ This version is the E.C. version ("Emma Correct").  After giving
her a copy of version 3.3 after a show, Emma was kind enough to send
me a VERY detailed set of corrections.  These have been incorporated
into this version.  I'm sure her involvement should not be read as
any kind of official endorsement of this document or of any computer
system where it might be found.
        I've also finally gotten around to rewriting the "History"



SPECIAL THANKS to those who've helped (or from whom I've liberated info):
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        ...and anybody else I've forgotten

    ...and let's not forget Emma Anderson. Thanks Emma!



        Lush is four people:  Emma Anderson (guitar & vocals),  Miki Berenyi
(vocals & guitar), Chris Acland (drums), and Steve Rippon (bass).  Phil
King replaced Steve on bass in 1993, just after the recording of the
B-side for the _for love_ e.p. #A7.
        "We did a demo tape, sent them out, got quite a bit of interest from
various indies-- God knows why, we were so f***ing awful.  Majors came
down to our gigs and left after two minutes.  The we send Robin (Guthrie
of the Cocteau Twins) a tape and eventually one reached 4AD.  They took
quite a while to decide  about us, because at 4AD they like everyone to
into a band.  And Howard Gough who worked for them then, said 'This is
the worst band I've ever seen.  If you sign them I'm leaving the label.'
        "Finally, after a few gigs, he grudgingly admitted that we'd 'Got a
bit better' and then we were signed.  Howard f***ing manages us now"
(Miki Berenyi - Melody Maker, July 24, 1993).
        Such is the beginning of Lush.  After recording a demo tape which
was sent around to various clubs to get gigs (see #C14), they ended up
parting ways with then lead-singer Meriel Barnham (lately of the Pale
Saints).  Miki took over singing duties and a second demo was done (the
one Miki mentions above) to be sent to record companies (see #B1).  This
eventually led to them being signed by 4AD and the recording of their
first e.p., _Scar_.  More records and heavy touring followed, highlights
including opening for the Cure's Crystal Palace show in the summer of
1990, the opening slot at Glastonbury '90, opening for the Sisters of
Mercy and gigging with Ride on their first major American tour in the
fall of 1990, Glastonbury '92 (from which #B9 is taken) and Lollapalooza
        Miki and Emma are the band's main songwriters, having been childhood
friends since they were 14.  (In their youth, they did a 'Zine of sorts
called _Alphabet Soup_.  According to Emma: "it was just lavatory teenage
humour, and it's never seen the light of day, thank God!") Miki met Chris
and Steve at London Polytechnic, and the band came together in Camden, a
suburb in north London in late 1988. (Lush were later identified by the
English music press as being members of the "Scene which Celebrates
Itself" which came out of Camden.)  They were originally, in the grand
English music press fashion, greatly hyped and then ritually trashed.
In a Feb 17 1990 interview in Melody Maker, Emma reports that they were
the "Most hated band in London." This is probably due to  a perceived
mismatch between their talent and their publicity.  But, with the release
of _Split_, people are beginning to realize Lush are here to stay and are
far from being a trendy flash-in-the-pan.
        Other Lush Facts of Occasional Interest:  Before they were Lush, they
called themselves "The Baby Machine".  Emma has a bachelor's degree in art
history.  Miki and Chris are massive fans of the Tottenham 'Spurs, a local
football club (This fandom led to their association with the Lillies, see
#D8).  Miki's mother is Japanese and her father, Hungarian.  Phil King
is a former NME photographer and associate editor, who has played bass and
guitar with The Servants, Felt, Biff Bang Pow!, Apple Boutique, and See See



          (All releases 4AD (UK) or Reprise (US) unless otherwise noted)



A1. _Scar_ (1989)  Recorded: (07.89), Released: (10.89)
        {JAD 911 - 12"
        JAD 911 C - cassette
        JAD 911 CD}
        a) Baby Talk (2.16)
        b) Thoughtforms (2.41)
        c) Scarlet (3.26)
        d) Bitter (2.01)
        e) Second Sight (2.39)
        f) Etheriel (3.24)

+ Co-produced by John Fryer. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher
Bigg and Jim Freidman. Matthew Kirkcaldie writes: "_Scar_[LP] has
BRIGHT salmon pink on the inside of the LP sleeve, with  illustrations
from a Japanese textbook showing the kanji for "tongue" and "elder
sister" with the English words and a 50s-style line drawing in a box,
one to each side, in white on the pink.  Very vulgar overtones, this
sort of pink cavity...and the choice of words... The same things are
on the reverse side of the folded insert for the jewel case CD."
"Etheriel" is about Meriel Barham, now of Pale Saints.  Emma Anderson
writes: "She used to be in the band and she was going out with a
guy called Ethan.  She wasn't really into the band that much, and she
was a lot more into Ethan... every time we wanted to do something she
was like, 'I can't do that because Ethan's sick, or Ethan's
something... Ethan's broken his fingernail so I can't rehearse
today...' so in the end we thought, well, this isn't going to work out
and Miki wrote a song about it.  We blended the two names together,
Ethan and Meriel..."  Dark Image writes: "On the Scar vinyl
run-off grooves, there is a quote on one side that reads 'I'll still
fondle you' and on the other side 'Fanny Tits Delight' Well, the reason
for this was that Emma didn't know the lyrics to Scarlet and Etheriel
(go figure) So she thought that Miki was saying 'Fanny Tits Delight'
instead of Vanities Delight and likewise for 'I'll still fondle you'
(I'm still fond of you)."
A2. _Mad Love_ (1990)  Recorded: (12.89), Released: (02.90)
        {BAD 0003 - 12"
        BAD 0003 C - cassette
        BAD 0003 CD}
        a) de-luxe (3.26)
        b) leaves me cold (2.55)
        c) downer (2.39)
        d) thoughtforms (2.43) [new recording of 1.b]

+Produced by Robin Guthrie. Engineered by Lincoln Fong.  Sleeve by
Vaughan Oliver/v23, Chris Bigg and Jim Friedman.
A3. _Sweetness and Light_ (1990)   Recorded: (8.90), Released: (10.90)
        {BAD 0013 - 12"
        ADC 0013 - cassingle
        AD 0013  - 7"
         BAD 0013 - CD}
        a) Sweetness and Light (5.19) [(4.12)*]
        b) Sunbathing (3.09) [CD and 12" only]
        c) Breeze (2.47)

+Produced by Tim Friese-Green (Talk Talk). Engineered by Ed Buller.
Featuring Phil Overhead. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg and Jim
Friedman. *The 7" contains a shortened version of "sweetness and light".
A4. _Gala_ (1991) Recorded: (N/A), Released: (11.91)
        {CAD 0017 - lp
        CAD 0017 C - cassette
        CAD 0017 CD
        CAD ??? - Special CD in special sleeve - see below
        4AD-Japan: COCY-6925 - CD
        Reprise: 9 26463-1 - lp
        Reprise: 9 26463-2 - CD
        Reprise: 9 26463-4 - cassette}
        a) Sweetness And Light (5.19)
        b) Sunbathing (3.09)
        c) Breeze (2.47)
        d) De-Luxe (3.26)
        e) Leaves Me Cold (2.55)
        f) Downer (2.39)
        g) Thoughtforms (2.43)
        h) Baby Talk (2.16)
        i) Thoughtforms (2.41)
        j) Scarlet (3.26)
        k) Bitter (2.01)
        l) Second Sight (2.39)
        m) Etheriel (3.24)
        n) Hey Hey Helen (2.27)  [ABBA cover]
        o) Scarlet (Gigantic 2 version) (3.53)

+ This album is a compilation of all tracks from #1, 2, 3, together with a
new track (n), and the Robin Guthrie rerecording of "Scarlet" (from B3).  The
CD release in the UK came with a card slip case. Matthew Kirkcaldie
writes: "the CD features a cardboard wraparound with another Jim
Friedman photo on the outside (black and dark green, a 2-colour print
with a little full colour one in the middle) and a nice inside with
(a) the Lush logo faintly over a pink-yellow background with the EP
sleeves placed over it and a big calligraphic Chris Bigg scrawl, and
(b) on the other half, a whole gallery of those dated pictures of
Japanese women.  The LP has the same thing as a second sleeve, but the
CD one can be detached at the bottom while you have to open the LP one
as far as you dare without wrecking it."  The Japanese version comes with
lyrics to all the songs except "Downer," "Leaves Me Cold" and "Hey Hey Helen."
A5. _Black Spring_ e.p.  (1991)  Recorded: (8.91), Released: (10.91)
        {AD 1016 - 7"
        BAD 1016 - 12"
        ADC 1016 - cassingle
        BAD 1016 CD}
        a) nothing natural (5.58)
        b) fallin' in love (2.44) [Dennis Wilson cover] [CD and 12" only]
        c) god's gift (4.13)
        d) monochrome (5.08) [CD and 12" only]

+ Produced by Robin Guthrie.
A6. _Nothing Natural_ (1991) Recorded: (8.91), Released: (10.91)
        {Reprise: 9 40231-2). Digipak.
        a) nothing natural (5.56)
        b) god's gift (4.10)
        d) monochrome (5.07)
        e) nothing natural (version) (3.59)

+ Produced by Robin Guthrie.
A7.  _For Love_ (1992) Recorded: (11.91) Released (1.92)
        {BAD 2001 - 12"
        BAD 2001 CD. Gatefold digipak.
        BAD D 2001 - lmt-ed 10"
        In Holland? slim jewel-case}
        a) for love (3.35)
    b) starlust (4.24)
        c) outdoor miner (2.49) [Wire cover]
        d) astronaut (2.39)

+ a) produced and engineered by Robin Guthrie. b), c) and d) all
produced  by Lush and Mark Freegard.  From _Eyesore_:  "'Outdoor Miner'
was  originally recorded by Wire. BAD D 2001 is a 10'' single with a
different sleeve. The run-out grooves read "Steve, yah, bloody good
bloke." "Miki? Face like a bulldog chewing a wasp!" (BADD2001).
BAD2001CD was released in a deluxe fold-out digipak. 'For Love'
produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). 'Outdoor Miner' written
by Graham Lewis (Wire) and Colin Newman (Wire). 'Outdoor Miner'
coproduced by Mark Freegard." The Digipak-CD has "for the love of
Steve" in the credits.
A8. _Spooky_ (1992) Recorded: (?.?) Released: (2.92)
        {CAD  2002 - lp
        CAD D 2002 - 2x10"Limited-edition gatefold with different sleeve
        CAD C 2002 - cassette
        CAD 2002 CD - CD
        CAD D 2002 CD Limited edition DP with different sleeve artwork.
        Reprise: 9 26798-2
        Shock records: SHOCK 1017 CD - Australian release of both CD and
                 special DP sleeve}
        a) stray (2.08)
        b) nothing natural (5.54)
        c) tiny smiles (4.27)
        d) covert (3.35)
        e) ocean (4.50)
        f) for love (3.29)
        g) superblast! (4.07)
        h) untogether (3.34)
        i) fantasy (4.27)
        j) take (3.29)
        k) laura (3.23)
        l) monochrome (5.06)
        m) god's gift (4.10)*
        n) fallin' in love (2.44)*

+ The first legitimate studio album.  The tracks marked with a "*"
are found only on the Japanese release and are identical to the tracks
found on the _Black Spring_ e.p., [#A5].  This release also comes with
lyrics to all the songs except m) and n).  From _Eyesore_ : 'CADD2002CD
is a limited edition deluxe fold-out digipak. CADD2002 is a double 10''
release. They both have similar sleeves, which are pretty different from
the other formats. The run-out grooves read "What do you call Lush's..."
/ "bass player in Japan?" / "Rippon in Nippon..." / "...wise words mate."'
Also, U38956@UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU (Bones, Inner Sanctum, Sanctuary) writes:
"there is also a limited edition CD of _Spooky_ that comes  with a blue
velour pouch.  The pouch is imprinted with the circles from  the _Spooky_
cover, that is, where the logos are, there are no fuzzy  textures."
A9. "Superblast!" (1993) Recorded: (?.93) Released: (?.93)
        {4AD(japan): COCY-5185 - CD}
        a) superblast! [remix] (4.04)
        b) outdoor minor (2.49) [same as #A7]
        c) fallin' in love (2.44) [same as #A7]

+ This Japanese-only single came with the lyrics to all three songs.
Lists Phil, not Steve as the bassist. Says "for the love of steve" in
the credits.
A10. _Hypocrite e.p._ (1994) Recorded: (?.94) Released: (30.5.94)
        {BAD 4008 CD  - CD
               ?      - 12"
               ?      - 7"}
        a) Hypocrite (2.58)
        b) Love at First Sight (5.12)*
        c) Cat's Chorus (3.23)
        d) Undertow (Spooky mix) (9.13)*

+ Emma Anderson writes: "['Love At First Sight'] is a cover of a song
by The Gist-- a band Stuart Moxham formed after the Young Marble
Giants." Track d) is a remix by techno band called Spooky.  [*Not on 7"
A11._Desire Lines e.p._ (1994) Recorded: (?.94) Released: (30.5.94)
        {BAD 4010 CD  - CD
               ?      - 12"
               ?      - 7"}
        a) Desire Lines (7.29)
        b) Girl's World (4.14)*
        c) White Wood (4.56)
        d) Lovelife (Suga Bullit mix) (8.15)*

+ "Lovelife" remix is by Co-co T and Suga-D. [*Not on 7" format.]
A12. _Split_ (1994) Recorded: (?.94) Released: (13.6.94)
        {CAD-4011-CD  - CD}
         Reprise: 0936-45578-1 - LP
         Reprise: 0936-45578-4 - Cassette
         Reprise: 0936-45578-2 - CD
         Rough Trade: ? CD - German release- see below}
        a) light from a dead star (3.15)
        b) kiss chase (3.17)
        c) blackout (3.06)
        d) hypocrite (2.53)
        e) lovelife (3.56)
        f) desire lines (7.37)
        g) the invisible man (2.14)
        h) undertow (4.57)
        i) never-never (8.04)
        j) lit up (4.00)
        k) starlust (4.30)
        l) when i die (4.17)

+ The album was produced by Mike Hedges (Siouxsie And The Banshees, The
Cure). It was mixed by Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins,
Curve, My Bloody Valentine). (Michael Schuster) writes:
"The cover art bears a new logo (the band  name in a sorta outline script,
partially covering a circular background) and has a picture of four lemons."
The Rough Trade version come with a "bonus disk" which contains the three
B-sides from the Desire Lines single #A11, i.e., "Girl's World," "White
Wood," "Lovelife" (Suga Bullit mix).
A13.  When I Die or Lovelife

+ Follow up single.  Purported to have a Scott Litt (R.E.M.) remix of "When
I Die" on it.  Emma Anderson writes: "Yes, Scott Litt did remix this song.
Whether it's going to be used at all, I don't know."  Emma has also been
quoted as saying that "Childcatcher" [B15] should appear, remixed, as a
B-side on whatever the next single is.


B1. _donde esta los INSECTS_ (1989) Recorded: (?.?) Released: (?.89)
        {INSECTS 03 - Cassette}
        a) etheriel (demo) ( . )
        b) second sight (demo) ( . )

+ Released in England sometime in 1989, this compilation of text, noise,
sound collage, and music.  Emma Anderson writes: "This was a tape put
together by friend of ours at the time.  It was very arty & underground
& us & Silverfish were the only bands on it.  The songs used were... the
demos we sent to record companies.  Indeed, the ones that 4AD liked &
agreed to pursue us with.  They are not the same recordings as on _Scar_."
B2. _Alvin Lives (in Leeds)_ (1990) Recorded: (?.?) Released: (?.90)
        {Midnight Music: CLANG 4 - lp
        CLANG 4 C - cassette
        CLANG 4 CD}
        a) chirpy chirpy cheep cheep (2.38) [cover of Middle of the Road]

+ A 1990 benefit album of seventies cover tunes to raise money to fight
the British poll tax proposal.  Lush track (produced by Robin Guthrie)
appears nowhere else. [And is brilliant, BTW! -ed]
B3. _Gigantic 2_ (1990) Recorded: (7.89), Released: (4.90)
        {Melody Maker/Rough Trade :MMMRTD 002 - cassette
        MMRTD 002 CD}
        a) scarlet (Gigantic 2 mix) (3.53)

+ This compilation of songs was released through the UK's _Melody
Maker_ weekly music rag.  The Lush track is Robin Guthrie's (Cocteau
Twins) rerecording of the track that originally appears on _Scar_, #A1.
This track also appears on _Gala_, #A4.
B4. _Red Tape_ (1990) Recorded: (12.89), Released: (10.90)
        {Mute/4AD Records: RT1 - cassette}
        a) de-luxe ( .  )

+ Free with the UK monthly magazine _Select_ (Vol. 1, no. 4).
Apparently, same track that appears on #A2 & #A4.
B5. _Volume Two_  (1991?) Recorded: (?.?), Released: (11.91?)
        {Volume: V2CD}
        a) tiny smiles (4.27)

+ _V2_ is a UK combination CD/magazine. Lush track is identical to that
which appears on _Spooky_, #A8.
B6. _Follow Out Trax VII_ (1991) Recorded:(.), Released:(.91)
        {Strange Fruit: SFRCD 205 - CD}
        a) nothing natural (2.25)

+ This is one of the two previously available versions. [It's not clear
why the time was reported to be so short.]
B7._New Season: The Peel Sessions_ (1991) Recorded:(.), Released:(.91)
        {Strange Fruit: SFRCD 205}
        a) breeze ( . )

+ This is the only released recording from Lush's Peel session.
This is from the 19 Feb, 1990 session.  The other songs broadcast at
this time were "hey hey helen" and "leaves me cold." These were the only
three songs recorded.
B8. _Stolar Tracks_ (vol. 1) (1992) Recorded: (?.?), Released: (?.92)
        {no label: EMC1 - CD}
        a) superblast! (remix) (4.07)

+ A special offer available in connection with Stolar Vodka.
This is the same track that appears on #A9.
B9. _in a field of their own_ (1992) Recorded: (27.06.92), Released:
        {no label: glaston 1DCD}
        a) starlust (live) (4.30)

+ A special offer double-CD from the UK weekly music rag, _NME_ (with
profits going to Greenpeace).  Featuring highlights from the 1992
Glastonbury Festival.
B10. _Lilliput_(1992) Recorded: (12.89), Released (?.92)
        { - cd}
        a) de-luxe (3.26)

+ A 4AD sampler compilation. Same as the version on #A2.
B11. _...and dog bones, too_ (1992) Recorded: (8.91), Released (?.92)
        { - cas}
        a) nothing natural (.)

+ A 4AD sampler compilation.  Not clear which version this is.
B12. _how much longer?_ (1992) Recorded: (?.?), Released (?.92)
        {Anti-Vivisection Agency: AVACD 001 - CD}
        a) god's gift (4.10)

+ Made in England and distributed by Revolver, Lush contributed this
album track.
B13. _13 Year Itch_ (1993) Recorded: 6.93), Released (07.93)
        {?? }
        a) Desire Lines (demo) (?.?)

+ A very limited edition CD that was available at the 13 Year Itch
celebration put on for the 13th anniversary of 4AD.
B14. _In Defense of Animals_ (1993) Recorded: (?.93), Released (?.93)
        {?? }
        a) for love (3.35)

+ A charity album supporting the animal rights group called In
Defense of Animals.  This is the single version from A7.
B15. _Secret Tracks 2_ (1994) Recorded: (?.?), Released (4?.94)
        {?? - cassette}
        a) the childcatcher (?.?)

+ work in progress from the _Split_.  The first mix, straight from the
studio. As yet, this track appears nowhere else.
B16. _Volume Ten_ (1994) Recorded: (?.94), Released (7.94)
        {Volume - V10CD}
        a) tinkerbell (demo) (?.?)

+ This is one of Miki's 8-track demos for an in-progress song.



C1. _Kaleidoscopic Harmonies_ (1993) Recorded (1991?), Released (?.93)
        {Kiss the Stone: KTS 108 - CD}
        a) thoughtforms(3.05)
        b) breeze(2.49)
        c) bitter(2.38)
        d) second sight(2.55)
        e) take(3.43)
        f) covert(3.27)
        g) deluxe [sic](4.29)
        h) etheriel(4.08)
        i) ocean(4.42)
        j) scarlet(4.20)
        k) sweetness and light(5.22)
        l) downer(3.28)
        m) baby talk(4.20)
        n) tiny smiles(4.15)
        o) leaves me cold(4.49)
        p) monochrome(5.10)

+ This rather well-packaged bootleg CD from KTS (a rather prolific Italian
record company) is apparently an audience recording of an English
show.  Though the disc purports to be "Recorded Live in Europe 1991", I
rather suspicion it's recorded in England in 1992, perhaps during the
_Spooky_ tour.  The disc clocks in at about 65mins.  The sound quality is
mediocre (what you would expect from an audience recording), lots of
crowd noise and rather poor resolution on the vocals (particularly
Emma's).  The set itself is not particularly inspired; lots of long breaks
between songs, and some miscues. CD total time: (63.34).
C2. _Lollapalooza '92: Lush & The Jesus + Mary Chain_ (1993)
                 Recorded (22.08.92) Released (?.93)
        {Kiss the Stone: KTS 114 - CD}
        a) stray/bitter (5.55)
        b) nothing natural (5.28)
        c) for love (3.44)
        d) superblast! (4.36)
        e) covert[/de-luxe] (7.41)
        f) downer (3.22)
        g) sweetness & light (5.46)
        h) new song [sic] (4.25)
        i) leaves me cold (2.53)
        j) similar number of tracks by JMC

+ Clocking in at 77:34, this split CD boot features performances by Lush
and the Jesus and Mary Chain at Lollapalooza in Miami. e) and h) are
mistakes in the track listing.  Note: This disc is both sold singly and
in a 3CD set also featuring Pearl Jam and Soundgarden's sets from the
same show.
C3. _Lovers of Today_ (1993?) Recorded (90 & 91) Released (1993?)
        {Surf City Recordings: SC03 - 7"}
        a) sweetness and light
        b) ocean
        c) etheriel
        d) leaves me cold

+ A purportedly limited-edition (300 total) live bootleg vinyl 7-inch.
Tracks a) & b) are "Live in London, 1990"; tracks c) & d) are "Live in
Paris, 1991".  The picture sleeve cover is a nice photo of Emma and
Miki, and the back is a _Gala_-era promo photo of the band.  The record
labels list the name of the record company and call the recording the
"'slush e.p."  My copy is purple vinyl, also spotted in grey.
C4. _Luscious_, (1992) Recorded (30.8.92) Released?
        a) stray
        b) bitter
        c) god's gift
        d) nothing natural
        e) ocean
        f) for love
        g) starlust
        h) covert
        i) de-Luxe
        j) downer
        k) sweetness and light
        l) superblast!
        m) monochrome [1st encore]
        n) leaves me cold
        o) baby talk [2nd encore]

+ Live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Aug. 30 1992. "Bones, Inner Sanctum,
Sanctuary" writes: "(1CS-100 Rating 10) A VERY good bootleg.  Great sound
and mixing.  This was a special concert that Lush did in between their Aug
29, 1992 appearance at Alpine Valley theatre WI and their appearance in
Atlanta for Lollapalooza '92. Moderate dialogue from Miki, and a frenzied
ending that included a mosh pit, yes a mosh pit!  I didn't believe it
either until I ended up in it." Recorded and broadcast live by Metro
C5. _Spooky Tales to Tell Your Children_ (1992) Recorded (29.8.92) Released?
        a) stray
        b) bitter
        c) nothing natural
        d) for love
        e) superblast!
        f) covert
        g) de-Luxe
        h) downer
        i) sweetness and light
        j) starlust
        k) leaves me cold

+ Live Lollapalooza, 29 Aug 92, Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
(1CS90 Rating:8) This is the bootleg of the show that was described above.
Includes a bit of the in between Lollapalooza bits used for entertainment
between shows.
C6. _Lushapalooza '92_ (1992) Recorded (22.8.93) Released?
        {?? - CD?}
        a) stray
        b) bitter
        c) nothing natural
        d) for love
        e) superblast!
        f) covert
        g) downer
        h) sweetness and light
        i) starlust
        j) leaves me cold

+ Live, Lollapalooza, August 22, 1992, Miami, FL (1CS-90  Rating:8). A
great quality boot. Includes introduction to Lollapalooza festival.
Reportedly, the exact same recording as in #C2.
C7. _Live at Union Square_ (1992) Recorded (15.4.93) Released?
        {?? - Video}
        a) stray
        b) thoughtforms
        c) nothing natural
        d) for love
        e) starlust
        f) breeze
        g) de-Luxe
        h) sweetness and light
        i) leaves me cold
        j) monochrome
        k) downer

+ San Francisco, 15 April 1992 (VIDEO VHS MONO  Rating: 7)  Shot from the
stage itself.  Includes Italian TV interview with videos for "nothing
natural" and "superblast!"
C8. ???  Lush 04/06/92 Tipitina's, New Orleans.
        {?? - Cassette}

+ Live 70 minute show apparently broadcast on air in New Orleans.
Sound quality of a recording off the air for this show was "B+"
C9. ??? 08/02/92 Chicago, IL 50 mins A- Lollapalooza 1992
        {?? - Cassette}

+ nothing else known.
C10. _The World of Lush_ (1993) Recorded (17.4.92) Released (?.93)
        {Australia: BULLSEYE RECORDS CD-EYE-12 - CD}
        a) stray (2.11)
        b) bitter (2.47)
        c) god's gift (3.40) (misprinted as gos's gift on the tracklisting)
        d) nothing natural (5.48)
        e) ocean (4.50)
        f) for love (3.49)
        g) starlust (5.06) (misprinted as stardust)
        h) covert (4.14)
        i) de-luxe (3.49)
        j) downer (3.35) (misprinted as downers)
        k) sweetness and light (5.52)
        l) superblast (4.37)
        m) monochrome (5.59)
        n) leaves me cold (5.19)
        o) baby talk (2.53)

+ Total running time: (64.28).  Live in Seattle, Washington.  Dark Image
writes: "There were only 1000 printed of their live performance in Seattle.
The sound is okay I guess and it's from the Spooky tour ..On the cover
has the band in four separate corners divided into 4 equal parts with four
different colored background for each member.  The funny thing is that it
shows Steve Rippon instead of Phil King..Hmmm..." [Sounds suspiciously like
the infamous NME "topless" poster- ed]  Thanks to Cord Walter for the
track listing.
C11. _Live at St. Sebastian_ (199?) Recorded (2.1.90) Released?
        {Shocking Records ??  - 7"}
        a) downer
        b) thoughtforms
        c) second sight
        d) baby talk

+ Recorded live in Surlorie, France. Dark Image writes: "'s quite good.
It's quite raw in terms of production." Josh Gentry writes: "I have this same
recording, but it is named 'Sparky the High Voltage Live Wire' from 'Shocking
Records, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.' The 7" is pressed in pink vinyl with blank
yellow labels, the only groove notes being 'sr1' and 'sr2.' It is packaged in a
folded piece of yellow paper with simple xerox quality art of two babies
looking like they were stolen from a diaper package with a crudely drawn
cartoon electrical wire asking them if they want to play. Sound quality is
very good. 45rpm."
C12.  Dark Image writes: "I got a 7" thing of [the _Words & Music_ promo
cassette, #D3] was a rough bootleg and it had only up to the part where
Miki says "We're coming to America..." and than laughs and says "We're coming
in America" and Emma and Miki giggle a lot and laugh."
C13. They played for the "Festival des Inrockuptibles" on 19/10/1991 (Somebody
else claims it was on 19/11/91). They played at at least a 50 minute
set at"La cigale" which was broadcast on French radio (perhaps as a _Black
Session_).  No other info known.
C14. "1988 Demo" Recorded: (3.88), Not released

        {bootleg cassette}
        a) grotesque [female hybrid]
        b) sun shines [skin]
        c)  [truth or fiction]
        d) quicksand  [sunbathing]
+Cord Walter writes: "Although the sound quality of this demo is very poor, the
songs are quite good."  Emma Anderson writes: "Meriel [now of Pale Saints] is
on vocals here-- she wrote "Skin".  We used this demo to get gigs on the pub
circuit in London.  We never send it to a record company.  'Sunbathing' was
reworked 2 years later for the B-side of 'Sweetness & Light' [A3]."  The listed
titles are those reported by Cord Walter.  The titles in brackets are those
reported by Emma Anderson.  Obviously, the names in brackets are the correct
song titles, but the names given by Cord may reflect those used by the
bootleggers (and those which you may see if you ever stumble across this
C15. There is a 70 minute recording of a 03/27/92 show in NYC.
C16. There is a 30 minute recording of a 05/06/92 show in Stockholm that
was broadcast on radio.


D1. "De-Luxe" (1991) Recorded: (12.89), Released: (?.91)
        {Reprise: PRO-CD-4662 -  No cover insert in jewel case}
        a) de-luxe (single edit) (3.02)
        b) de-luxe  (alternate single edit) (3.03)
        c)  de-luxe (album version) (3.27)

+ US Promo for #A4.
D2. "Sweetness And Light" (1991) Recorded: (8.90), Released: (?.91)
        {Reprise: PRO-CD-4568}
        a) sweetness and light (single edit) (4.12)
        b) sweetness and light (album version) (5.17)

+ US Promo for #A4.
D3. _Words & Music_ (1991)  Recorded: (?.?), Released: (?.91)
        {Reprise: PROC-4608 - cassette}
        a) de-luxe
        b) baby talk
        c) bitter
        d) etheriel
        e) thoughtforms
        f) downer
        g) hey hey helen
        h) scarlet
        i) sweetness and light
        j) sunbathing

+ US Promo cassette for #A4.  Contains ten complete tracks from _Gala_,
interspersed with an interview with Miki and Emma.  Contains all sorts of
juicy bits about Miki loosing her virginity in Hollywood as a teenager, and
Emma's work experience selling sandwiches.
D4. "Nothing Natural" (1991) Recorded: (see source recordings), Released:
        {LUSH CD 1 - CD}                                        (?.91)
        a) nothing natural ( . )
        a) monochrome ( . )
        a) nothing natural ( . ) (12" version)

+ UK promo disc. Same material as the singles #A5-A6
D5. "Nothing Natural" (1992?) Recorded: (see source recordings), Released:
        {Reprise: ?? - CD }                                        (?.92)
        a) nothing natural ( . )

+Promo disc.  No other information known.
D6. "For Love" (1992) Recorded: (see source recordings), Released: (?.?)
        {Reprise: PRO-CD-5299}
        a) for love ( . )

+ This is the album version.
D7. "Superblast!" (1992) Recorded: (see source recordings), Released: (?.92)
        {Reprise: PRO-CD-5471}
        a) superblast! (remix) (4:04) [same as #A9]
        b) starlust (4:20)
        c) fallin' in love (2:38)
        d) superblast! (album version) (4:08)

+ US Promo for #A8. [The remix of "Superblast!" is not great, but better
than album version.]
D8. The Lillies (1992) Recorded: (?.?), Released: (09.92)
        {Cockadoodle records: COCK 01 - one-sided flexi-disc}
        a) "And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That..."
+ The Lillies are a one-off "bliss-rock" super-group featuring Simon
Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), Chris & Miki (Lush), and Kevin McKillop &
Russell Yates (Moose).  Song written by Raymonde.  The group was
formed to record this song in support of their favorite local football club,
the Tottenham 'Spurs.  The resulting recording was included in the
magazine _Spur_ (No. 24, Sept '91).  (Also a T-shirt available featuring a
lillie and band name on front, and song title on back. Grey shirt.)
D9. Drum Club (1993) Recorded (n/a), Released (?.93)
        {MIDI CIRCUS - 12"}
        a) stray (choirmaster mix)
        b) stray (groove mix)
        c) stray (hole in the sky mix)

+ This single-sided twelve inch features a purported "techno remix" of
D10.  "1993 Fan Club Flexi" (1993) Recorded (6.93), Released (12.93)
        {?? - flexi}
        a) Lit Up (demo) (?.?)
        b) Rupert the Bear (?.?) [TV theme cover- see below]

+ After collecting names and addresses since 10.91 (#A6), the Lush
Information Service (see III, below) surprised everyone in Christmas of
'93 by sending out a fan club mailing including news of the bands' doing,
a musical family tree of the members' past bands, lyrics to all their
songs, a card, and this neat flexi. "Rupert the Bear" is NOT a Robert
Johnson cover.  That was a joke.  It's really a cover of the theme from
the 60s British children's TV show of the same name.
D11.  _Split_ promo cassette (1994) Recorded (?.94), Released (06.94)
        {Reprise: PRO-C-6996 - cassette}
        a) Kiss Chance (?.?)
        b) Undertow (?.?)
+ Promo for the new album.  Songs are album versions.
D12. _Split_ Promo CD (1994) Recorded: (?.94) Released: (6.94)
        {CAD-P-4011-CD  - CD}
        a) light from a dead star (3.15)
        b) kiss chase (3.17)
        c) blackout (3.06)
        d) hypocrite (2.53)
        e) lovelife (3.56)
        f) desire lines (7.37)
        g) the invisible man (2.14)
        h) undertow (4.57)
        i) never-never (8.04)
        j) lit up (4.00)
        k) starlust (4.30)
        l) when i die (4.17)

+ Simply the UK promo disc for _Split_ with less artwork than the
standardly released album.


II.E. Videos

Videos have been made for the following songs:

E1. "de-luxe" (version 1)
E2. "de-luxe" (version 2)

+ From _Eyesore_: First made when "Mad Love" was released (Feb/Mar 1990),
and the other made for the US one year later. The first is Lush miming in
a forest, with some white flashes.
E3. "sweetness & light"

+ From _Eyesore_: Grainy colour of Lush miming on a white background,
with blip-zoom on images.
E4. "nothing natural"

+ From _Eyesore_: Colour, Lush miming, close-ups of Miki and Emma.
E5. "for love"

+ From _Eyesore_: "Colour, Lush playing, shattered images, roses and
the new bassist."
E6. "superblast!"

E7. "hypocrite"

E8. "desire lines"

+ Emma Anderson writes: "There is also a video for 'Desire Lines' which
I think the U.S. will miss out on.  It was shot at the same time as the
artwork for the sleeve of _Split_, i.e., in a disused swimming pool.
There is also some performance which was shot in our rehearsal room in
Camden, London.  It was a small budget video. About #3000. I'm sure there
will be another video soon."
E9. "childcatcher"

+ This video is rumoured to exist, but I doubt it seriously.

The following are BOOTLEG VIDEO or video of TV appearances

E20. live in france (2) "ethereal" + one more
+ These are live tracks from SNUB TV.
E21. There exists an Australian tour souvenir video with "Nothing
Natural", "For Love" and "Superblast!" on a PAL VHS tape.
E23. There is also a profile of them on "Night Flight" from 1991.
E24. They have also appeared on MTV's 120 Minutes.
E25. They played Conan O'Brien on 25 July, 1994.
E25.  Brian Baer  writes:  "I happened to
see a video that a friend of mine recorded of lush.  It was an interview
put together by the Denver PBS music video show "TELETUNES."  This was
incredible interview with everyone from lush (Miki,Emma,Chris, and Phil).
Soon after the interview, I got to see the full on stage performance of
lush at the lollapalooza '92 fest.  Note: this was not an illegal bootleg
recording of the show.  It was taken from several camera angles and done
with full permission from all the bands performing at lollapalooza '92
(courtesy of Teletunes)."


F1.A particularly "tasty" item is a poster (circa _Mad Love_) from
_Melody Maker_.  This poster featured the four members of the band
naked from the waist-up (Miki & Emma are posed with arms modestly
crossed over their chests) and *body-painted* with swirls of metallic
colours.  Each member is a different colour and "represents" the four
letters of the band's name.
F2. A particularly odd promo for the US release of _Spooky_ involved a
brown-paper bag with the Circle-LUSH logo over the Spooky album logo.
Not clear whether there was anything else included in this promo.
F3. The 'Lollapalooza' Ministry disc (Kiss The Stone) features Miki and
Emma on 'So What'.  It was recorded around 8/92 in LA.
F4. MiloV@AOL.COM writes:  "Hey, guess what, there is already interactive
software featuring Lush.  I just downloaded it from the Warner Records
section on AOL.  It's pretty big and only works on a Mac but I'm really
impressed with how cool it is. It has samples of their songs and some
animated photos with a really wacky interface."
F5. On 1 June, 1994, Lush recorded a radio session for the BBC's _Evening
Session_.  They did the tracks "Blackout", "Lit up", "The Childcatcher"
and "Kiss Chase."
F6. On 28 June, 1994, Lush did the _Black Session_ in France which
included "Sunday Girl" by Blondie-- in French!



a) Lush Information Service
   P.O. Box 2406
   London, NW10 5NE

b) Lyrics, pictures and other fun stuff can be found by ftp-ing to the
Wisconsin Discography server ( or via gopher (

c) The closest thing to an email discussion list for Lush is the 4AD discussion
to subscribe or you will look like a complete dweeb and annoy a lot of
nice people (like myself).  To subscribe, send mail to
LISTSERV@JHUVM.HCF.JHU.EDU with the word "help" in the body of the
message. [One day, I might set up a Lush email-list on my machine, that
is as soon as I figure out how to use niload... NeXT Unix weenies
inquire within!]

d) From the 4AD FAQ:
Q: What is "Eyesore"?
A: Eyesore is an online database of 4AD discographic information
(right on down to track listings and personnel) maintained by 4AD-L list
member Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen . You can send
queries to it by e-mail, and the source code is also available for
Unix systems. Eyesore is also available on the WorldWideWeb, via the
Mosaic client program: the URL is:



+ Was: Unconfirmed Rumour #1: It was once reported by somebody somewhere that,
during the Lollapalooza festival, Miki and Emma hit it off so well with the
members of Ministry that they actually went into the studio and put down some
vocals.  Emma Anderson comments: "Yes, we all got on very well with the
Ministry boys.  However, we never went into the studio with them nor do
we have any plans."

+ Was: Unconfirmed Rumour #2:  Emma has been hanging out with techno people
like Spooky and Drum Club.  Emma comments: "Don't know if this is of any
use but I played on the Drum Club's LP _Everything is Now_ on the tracks
'Sound System,' 'Spaced Out, Locked In,' and 'Alchemy'.  Recorded Feb '93?
Released Aug '93?"


Final note: This discog is ever mutating.  If you have any information
about items that are (or should be) on this list, please let me know!


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