There's no way for one person to gather all the data that goes into this red beast, so I rely on information sent to me from y'all.

Things that make nice contributions include:

  1. Corrections, small (typo fixes) and big (correct information) alike.
  2. New data on releases not listed here.
  3. Scans of record sleeves, ads, postcards, and stuff like that.
  4. Reviews, articles and ephemera.

If you want to contribute a review or an article, it would be nice if you mailed me a HTML document, but if you don't write HTML, just send me a plain text file and I'll HTMLize it for you.

Send contributions to me.

If you have sleeve scans, please send them (preferrably in jpeg format) to this mail address instead. You could also put them somewhere where I can pick them up and mail me and tell me where they are.

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