eyesore radio three

eyesore radio is a weekly show (if you define "week" to mean "a random amount of time") that features tracks from various bands on 4AD and some inane babble by me in between.

On this edition of eyesore radio:

Head To Toe
cover Fine Friend
cover Split cover

Click here to receive the radio show.

The show is about fifteen minutes long and is distributed as a gzipped 8kHz .au file, which means that you should be able to play it on Suns without much bother. If you need to convert it to some other format, you should get hold of sox.

If you'd like to get the file by hand (ie. ftp) and, say, play in on an SGI, you'd do the following:

$ ftp www.evo.org
login: anonymous
password: user@site

ftp>cd /pub/eyesore/radio
ftp>get eyesore.v3.au.gz
$ gunzip eyesore.v3.au.gz
$ sox eyesore.v3.au eyesore.v3.aiff
$ playaiff eyesore.v3.aiff

Conversion commands will vary from system to system.

Click here to go to the eyesore data base.