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12ep BAD109 (1981): Hu [CAD505CD], Re [CAD505CD], Mi, Cs

Dif Juz are Gary Bromley, Alan Curtis, David Curtis and Richard Thomas. Recorded at Spaceward. Sleeve by Dif Juz.

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Vibrating Air

12ep BAD116 (1981): Gunet [R CAD505CD], Heset [R MAD612], Diselt [R MAD612], Soarn [R CAD505CD]

Featuring Hollis Chambers and Scott Rodger.

Various - Natures Mortes - Still Lives

lp CAD117 (1981) (excerpt): Dif Juz: Re [CAD505CD]

cd CAD117CD (1981): CAD117 (excerpt),

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Time Clock Turn Back

cas NONDJ1 (1982): Scotish Express, Red Tackle, The Hole, Abroad, Adverts (Clip Slip), Spy Plane, Sea Shanti, Bad Tooth, Trance, Introducing Mrs Mcarthy, Obscure By Face, Good Bad The Ugly

Demo tape released in the Pleasantly Surprised series in Scotland. Unknown date.

Cover scan: DifJuz.WhoSaysSo.minilp.jpg

Who Says So?

lp NONDJ2 (1983): Roy's Tray, So Shy, Song With No Name, Tabla Piece, Swnn Part 2, Pass It On Charlie, Channel, The Dub Song

This album was released by Red Flame in 1983, RFM24.

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lp CAD505 (1985): Crosswinds, A Starting Point, Silver Passage, The Last Day, Love Insane, Marooned, Two Fine Days (And A Thunderstorm), Echo Wreck, Twin And Earth

cd CAD505CD (1985): CAD505, Gunet, Soarn, Hu, Re

Featuring Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins). Produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Engineered by Keith Mitchell. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Jeff Veitch.

Various - Discreet Campaigns, Rorschach Testing, RT #1

cas NONDC1 (1985) (excerpt): Dif Juz: Echo Wreck [R CAD505]

Various - Document: Pleasantly Surprised 82-85

cas NONPS12 (1985) (excerpt): Dif Juz: Don't Worry

Cover scan: DifJuz.OutOfTheTrees.lp.jpg

Out Of The Trees

lp MAD612 (1986): BAD109, Gunet [CAD505CD], Heset, Diselt, Soarn [CAD505CD]

Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Nigel Grierson. In short, the tracks from BAD116 were remixed, assisted by Lincoln Fong.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore

lp cas cd lp lp video CAD703, CADC703, CAD703CD, CADD703, CADX703, VAD703 (1987) (excerpt): Dif Juz: No Motion [GAD109/116CD]

Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992) (excerpt): Dif Juz: No Motion [GAD109/116CD]

Various - Joyride

cd NONJOY1 (Nov 18 1997) (excerpt): Dif Juz: No Motion [GAD109/116CD]

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cd GAD109/116CD (1999): BAD109, BAD116, No Motion

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