Cover scan: Various.Presages.BAD11.jpg


lp BAD11 (1980): CVO: Sargaso Sea, Psychotic Tanks: Let's Have A Party, Psychotic Tanks: Security Idiots, Modern English: Home [CAD105CD], Last Dance: Malignant Love, Spasmodic Caress: Hit The Dead, Red Atkins: Hunk Of A Punk

CVO are John Lewis, Gareth Marshal / Electrophon Studion. Psychotic Tanks are Roberty Crash, Schruuv, Schengel and Bjorn. Coproduced by Conny Plank at Conny Plank's Studio in Koln. The Last Dance are Soozy Bowler, Phil Roberts and P.P.P.. Produced by Michael O'Conell at Archipelago. Spasmodic Caress are Peter Masters, Phil Mister, Chris Chisnall and Pete Ashby. Supposedly 4 versions were released - one green and pink, one dark brown and light brown, one black and white and one unknown.

Cover scan: Various.NaturesMortesStillLives.lp.jpg

Natures Mortes - Still Lives

lp CAD117 (1981): The Birthday Party: Mr. Clarinet [AD114], The Psychotic Tanks: Let's Have A Party [BAD11], Rema-Rema: Feedback Song [BAD5], In Camera: Die Laughing [AD8], Bauhaus: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores [AD17T], Mass: You And I [AD14], Cupol: Like This For Ages [BAD9], Modern English: Gathering Dust [AD15], Sort Sol: Marble Station [AD101], The The: Controversial Subject [AD10], The Past Seven Days: Raindance [AD102], Dif Juz: Re [CAD505CD]

cd CAD117CD (1981): CAD117, C.V.O.: Sargaso Sea [BAD11], The Past Seven days: So Many Others [AD102], Sort Sol: Misguided [AD101], Last Dance: Malignant Love [BAD11], The The: Black & White [AD10]

CAD117 released in Japan only. 500 copies were imported back into the UK. CAD117CD was released in 1997 as a mail order release.

Fast Forward Cassette Magazine/ First Birthday Issue

cas NONFF1 (1981) (excerpt): Dead Can Dance: Fatal Impact

Double cassette pack released by Fast Forward (FF 008/009).

Cover scan: Various.AnHourOfEloquentSounds.cas.jpg

An Hour of Eloquent Sounds

cas NONPS1 (1982) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Perhaps Some Other Aeon (demo version) [R CADC211], The Birthday Party: The Hairshirt (demo) [R NONBP2]

Released as Pleasantly Surprised 001.

Cover scan: Various.TheAngelsAreComing.cas.jpg

The Angels are Coming

cas NONPS11 (1982) (excerpt): Dance Chapter: Carve and Arc

Double tape released by Pleasantly Surprised.

Cover scan: Various.4adDarkPaths.lp.jpg

4AD Dark Paths

lp NONVAR13 (1982): Bauhaus: Telegram Sam [AD17], Rema Rema: Feedback Song [BAD5], Modern English: Just A Thought [CAD105], Mass: Mass [CAD107], Colin Newman: Fish One [CAD108], Dance Chapter: Demolished Sanctuary [BAD115], Rene Halkett / David Jay: Nothing [AD103], Dance Chapter: Backward Across Thresholds, Modern English: The Token Man [CAD105], Colin Newman: Fish Ten [CAD108], Rema Rema: Rema Rema [BAD5], Bauhaus: Crowds [AD17], Rene Halkett / David Jay: Armour [AD112]

Released by WEA in Greece (59464).

Cover scan: CocteauTwins.SpeakNoEvil.flexi.jpg

Vinyl Magazine

7 NONVM1 (Jan 1983) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Speak No Evil [CADC211]

Included with the Dutch «Vinyl Magazine» #21 (SHOL-3353).

Cover scan: Various.ASamplingAboveTheRest.single.jpg

A Sampling Above the Rest

7 NONBB1 (1983) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: In The Gold Dust Rush [CAD313], Cocteau Twins: Sugar Hiccup [CAD313]

Promo released in Canada by Vertigo (VTO1). 33 rpm. Included with the Canadian version of Ricochet Days (and possibly other releases.)

Class X

12 NONCOL7 (1983) (excerpt): Colourbox: Breakdown [R MAD315CD], Clan of Xymox: Stranger [R CAD503]

DJ promo released in the US (CLASS X, 23586).

Cover scan: Various.Hi-Voltage.cas.jpg


lp cas NONCOL8 (lp), NONCOL8 (cas) (1983) (excerpt): Colourbox: Breakdown [AD215]

Released by the NME (PRO 4 & NME 028).

Cover scan: Various.DreamsAndDesires.cas.jpg

Dreams and Desires

cas NONPS6 (1984) (excerpt): Xmal Deutschland: Tag Fur Tag (demo) [R CAD407], The Wolfgang Press: Ecstacy (instrumental) [R CAD514], Colourbox: Sex Gun (demo) [R MAD509], Cocteau Twins: Pearly-Dewdrops'Drops (demo) [R AD405], Dead Can Dance: The Arcane (demo) [R BAD408], Andrew Gray: Illustrated

Released as Pleasantly Surprised 006.

Cover scan: Various.IndieCity.cas.jpg

Indie City

lp cas NONNME5 (lp), NONNME5 (cas) (1984) (excerpt): Colourbox: The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme [AD605], Cocteau Twins: The Spangle Maker [BAD405], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411]

Released by the New Musical Express on a triple DJ promo lp and a double cassette (PRO 8 & NME036/037).

Vertigo Sampler

lp NONVS1 (1984) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Ivo [CAD412], Cocteau Twins: Pandora [CAD412], Colourbox: Arena [CAD508], Colourbox: Sex Gun [MAD509], This Mortal Coil: Fyt [CAD411], This Mortal Coil: Fond Affections [BAD5]

Released in Canada as GO241.

Cover scan: Various.NmeReadersPollwinners84.single.jpg

NME Readers' Pollwinners '84

7 NONNME2 (1984) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Ivo (new version) [R CAD412]

Released by the New Musical Express as GIV1. Very limited edition was sent out as a promo with a sticker on the sleeve.

Cover scan: Various.StateOfAffairs.cas.jpg

State Of Affairs

cas NONPS2 (1984) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: In Our Angelhood [R CAD313], Modern English: Tables Turning [R CAD206], The Wolfgang Press: Prostitute [R (*Prostitute I*) CAD308]

Plesantly Surprised 003. «Tables Turning» remixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil).

Heures Sans Soleil

lp NONLTM1 (1985) (excerpt): The Happy Family: March in Turin (demo) [NONTHF1]

Released by Les Temps Modernes (LTM V:XI).

UK Buzz #001

lp NONCOL9 (1985) (excerpt): Colourbox: Punch [CAD508], Cocteau Twins: Pearly-Dewdrops'Drops [AD405]

Radio promo released in the US by Thirsty Ear Communication (UKB1).

Cover scan: Various.DiscreteCampaigns.cas.jpg

Discreet Campaigns, Rorschach Testing, RT #1

cas NONDC1 (1985) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Pale Clouded White (edit) [R BAD511], Dif Juz: Echo Wreck [R CAD505]

Given away with a magazine.

Womad Talking Book - Volume Three: An Introduction To Europe

lp NONWOM1 (1985) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Pink Orange Red [R BAD510]

Released as WOMAD005 (two versions, one with a book which features a two-page interview of Cocteau Twins.)

Cover scan: Various.DepartmentOfEnjoyment.cas.jpg

Department of Enjoyment

cas NONNME1 (1985) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Millemillenary

Cassette released by the NME.

Cover scan: Various.DocumentPleasantlySurprised82-85.cas.jpg

Document: Pleasantly Surprised 82-85

cas NONPS12 (1985) (excerpt): The Birthday Party: The Hairshirt [R NONBP2], Cocteau Twins: Perhaps Some Other Aeon (demo version) [NONPS1], Bauhaus: Dark Entries (very live) [R AXIS3 (7")], Dif Juz: Don't Worry, Cocteau Twins: In Our Angelhood [NONPS2], Modern English: Tables Turning [NONPS2], The Wolfgang Press: Prostitute [NONPS2]

Pleasantly Surprised 012 - The last release from Pleasantly Surprised. «Tables Turning» remixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil).


lp NONSB1 (1985) (excerpt): Clan of Xymox: Muscoviet Musquito [NONCX1]

Abstract 5

lp NONVAR2 (1985) (excerpt): Colourbox: Manic [R CAD508], The Wolfgang Press: Fire Eater [R CAD514]

Funky Alternatives 1

cd NONVAR8 (1985) (excerpt): Colourbox: Manic (intrumental) [R CAD508]


lp NONVAR7 (1985) (excerpt): The Wolfgang Press: Fire Eater [R CAD514]

From the magazine/record «Water».

Cover scan: Various.VinylConflict.single.jpg

Vinyl Conflict

7 NONMM4 (1986) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Orange Appled [BAD610CD]

Released by Melody Maker (CONFLICT 2).

Cover scan: Cover scan: Various.LonelyIsAnEyesore.lp.jpg

Lonely Is An Eyesore

lp cas cd lp lp video CAD703, CADC703, CAD703CD, CADD703, CADX703, VAD703 (1987): Cocteau Twins: Crushed [CT1CD], Dead Can Dance: The Protagonist, The Wolfgang Press: Cut The Tree, Dead Can Dance: Frontier (demo version) [R CAD404], Colourbox: Hot Doggie [GAD2107CD], This Mortal Coil: Acid Bitter And Sad, Clan Of Xymox: Muscoviet Musquito, Throwing Muses: Fish [R TAD2019CD], Dif Juz: No Motion [GAD109/116CD]

Initial quantities of CAD 703 included a three-way folding inner sleeve, while later copies had a regular inner sleeve with an insert. Sleeve by 23 Envelope, Nigel Grierson, Danger Video and Arthur Parker. VAD703 is a video. All the songs are the same as the other formats, except that the version of «Fish» is different. CAD703D is a limited edition of 10000 with some extra artwork. CAD703X is a deluxe limited edition wooden box (100 of them exists) containing all the different editions of Lonely Is An Eyesore and some additional prints. About the box: 30 were released for sale (200 pounds each directly from 4AD), 70 were given away to the bands, distibutors of 4AD material and others. The prints were rather expensive, bringing the cost of production of the box up to 500 pounds. There are two prints, one 15x20 cm (etching) by Jinny m'Garrity, where small details differ from box to box. The other is larger, 100x200cm (by Terry Dowling), printed on rice paper. The prints were wrapped in a sealed plastic-like paper. During the end titles on the video, an instrumental version of «Oomingmak» is played. This can also be found on the 10 Disc CD Collection. «Hot Doggie» samples from the films «Lifeforce» («Here I go», «be with me» & «Close your eyes, I love you»), «Evil Dead» («You will die, lover boy» & «one by one» + the chainsaw), «The Last Starfighter» («Soon the frontier will be down etc») and «2000 Maniacs» («Let's hear some music» & «We've got us some goods»).

Dr. Death's Volume 1

lp NONMORT1 (1987) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fish [R TAD2019CD]

«Fish» is slightly different from the «Lonely Is An Eyesore» version, but it is not the video version.

Cover scan: Various.RhythmAndNoise.cas.jpg

Rhythm & Noise

cas NONUND1 (Oct 1987) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: America (She Can't Say No) (demo) [NONTM13]

From «Underground» magazine, Oct '87.

Cover scan:

12 Inch

cd NONIN1 (1987): BADC701, BADC702, BAD704, BAD707, BAD708, AD708

Released in Japan by Jade Music Co., Ltd and Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. (CY-4415). Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Jim Friedman.

Cover scan: Various.SoundsWaves.single.jpg

Sounds Waves 3

7 NONSO1 (1988) (excerpt): Pixies: Down to the Well [PIX3], Pixies: Rock A My Soul

These two Pilgrim out-takes were released on a 7" EP that was given away free with the English rock mag Sounds.

Cover scan: Various.SoundsMachine.single.jpg

The Sounds Machine EP 1

7 NONSOU1 (May 1 1988) (excerpt): Pixies: Hey [L CAD905], Throwing Muses: Mania [L CAD901]

Four track seven inch single given away with an issue of Sounds Magazine. Both «Mania» and «Hey» were recorded at the Town and Country Club, May 1 1988.

The Bride Of Post Modern

cd NONBPM1 (1988) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Blue Bell Knoll [CAD807]

Capitol Records New Music Sampler

cas NONCR1 (1988) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Carolyn's Fingers [CAD807], Cocteau Twins: A Kissed Out Red Floatboat [CAD807]

Diamonds and Porcupines

lp NONPS4 (1988) (excerpt): Pale Saints: She Rides The Waves (demo version) [R BAD910]

Released in Germany.

Cover scan: Various.SpiralScratch.cdsingle.jpg

Spiral Scratch

cd5 NONP2 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Tame (demo) [R CAD905]

Given away with an issue of Spiral Scratch on a 3" CD, SCRATCD6.

Cover scan: Various.SoundAffects.flexi.jpg

Sound Affects

7 NONVAR16 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) [GAD2103CD]

Flexi included with the Swedish Sound Affects Magazine #5.

Cover scan: Various.TheCatalogue.NONCAT1.jpg

The Catalogue

7 NONCAT1 (June 1989) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fall Down (New Orleans version) [R CAD901]

Flexi included with «The Catalogue» magazine (CAT 071).

Pump up the Volume

cd NONVAR17 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) [GAD2103CD]

Soundtrack from the film of the same name.

Donde esta los Insects

cas NONINS1 (1989) (excerpt): Lush: Etheriel (demo?) [R JAD911], Lush: Second Sight (demo?) [R JAD911]

Released in England as INSECTS 03.

Cover scan: Various.Gigantic.cas.jpg


cas NONNME4 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: I Bleed (demo) [R CAD905], Ultra Vivid Scene: Lynn-Marie, Throwing Muses: Santa Claus [R CAD901CD]

Tape released by the NME.

New Wave Club Class.X 6

cd NONVAR14 (1989) (excerpt): Rema-Rema: Rema-Rema [BAD5]

Released in Belgium by Antler/Subway (AS 5100).

Cover scan: Various.BobMagazine.flexi.jpg

Bob Magazine

7 NONVAR15 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Gouge Away [L CAD905]

Recorded live at Cabaret Metro (Chicago), August 10 1989.

Stille Im Meine Hamburg

7 NONKS1 (1989) (excerpt): Kendra Smith: Stille Im Meine Hamburg

Released on clear vinyl (JENNY 02).

Music for the 90's: Vol 1

cd NONRT6 (1989): Pixies: Caribou [L MAD709], Ultra Vivid Scene: The Mercy Seat [CAD809]

Released by Rough Trade (CD 1-222).

Cover scan: Various.TheCatalogue.NONCAT2_.jpg Cover scan: Various.TheCatalogue.NONCAT2.jpg

The Catalogue

7 NONCAT2 (1990): Ultra Vivid Scene: Three Stars (Exclusive mix) [R CAD0005], The Breeders: Fortunately Gone (Exclusive mix) [R CAD0006]

7" flexi given away with the English magazine The Catalogue in May 1990.

Cover scan: Various.RedTape.cas.jpg

Red Tape

cas NONRT1 (Oct 1990) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Pitch the Baby [R CAD0012], Lush: De-Luxe [GAD2K22CD], Pixies: Allison [CAD0010], Pale Saints: Insubstantial [CAD0002], Dead Can Dance: Song of the Sybil [CAD0007]

Free with the UK monthly magazine «Select» vol. 1, no. 4 (RT 1).

Peel Session

cd NONPEE1 (1990): Pale Saints: Time Thief [R CAD0002], Lush: Breeze [R AD0013]

Cover scan: Various.Unknown.NONPRO1.jpg


blank NONPRO1 (1990): CAD0007CD, CAD0012CD, NONPIXL1 (cd), CAD0017CD, JAD911CD, BAD0003CD

Four CD set with each CD in a paper sleeve. To hold the four CDs together there is a wraparound piece of cardboard with a piece of string to tie the package closed. Promotional item released by Polygram Canada (CDP 434).

Cover scan: Cover scan: Various.Gigantic.cassette_.jpg Cover scan: Various.Gigantic.cassette.jpg Cover scan: Various.Gigantic2.cas.jpg

Gigantic! 2

cas cd NONMM1 (cas), NONMM1 (cd) (1990) (excerpt): The Breeders: I Just Want To Get Along, Pale Saints: A Deeper Sleep For Steven [R (*A Deep Sleep For Steven*) CAD0002], Cocteau Twins: The High Monkey-Monk [CT1CD], Lush: Scarlet (3:53) [CAD0017]

«I Just Want To Get Along» is an unreleased track from the «Pod» sessions. «The High Monkey-Monk» is one of two unreleased recordings from 1987. «Scarlet» produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins).

The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young

lp cd NONNY1 (lp), NONNY1 (cd) (1990) (excerpt): Pixies: Winterlong [GAD2103CD]

Produced by Gary Smith. «Winterlong» written by Neil Young.

Cover scan: Various.AlvinLivesInLeeds.lp.jpg

Alvin Lives In Leeds

lp cas cd NONAL1 (lp), NONAL1 (cas), NONAL1 (cd) (1990) (excerpt): Lush: Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (2:38)

Anti-poll tax benefit album (CLANG 4). «Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep» produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). «Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep» written by Stott, Cassia and Fabi.


lp cas cd NONP3 (lp), NONP3 (cas), NONP3 (cd) (1990) (excerpt): Pixies: Born In Chicago

Album released to celebrate Elektra Record's fortieth anniversary. «Born In Chicago» written by Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Indie Top 20 Vol. VIII

cd lp NONIND8 (cd), NONIND8 (lp) (1990) (excerpt): Pale Saints: Sight of You [BAD910]

Released by Beechwod Music (TT08 CD).

Cover scan:

Music for the 90's: Vol 2

cd NONRT5 (1990) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Lightning [CAD0005], Pale Saints: Time Thief (edit) [R CAD0002], Lush: Scarlet [JAD911]

Released by Rough Trade (CD 1-444).

Soil Samples 4

7 NONSS2 (1991) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Counting Backwards [CAD1002]

Recorded live at Maxwells november 8, 1990.


cd NONUNB1 (1991) (excerpt): The Wolfgang Press: Time [BAD1003]

Released by Posh Music For Kids.

Cover scan:

Volume 1

cd NONVOL1 (Sep 1991) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Red Shoes [R CAD1002], The Wolfgang Press: Sucker [R CAD1011]

Bimonthly 200 page cd-sized booklet with a 78 minute cd included.

I'm Your Fan

lp cas cd NONLEO1 (lp), NONLEO1 (cas), NONLEO1 (cd) (1991) (excerpt): Pixies: I Can't Forget

Leonard Cohen tribute album. «I Can't Forget» written by Leonard Cohen.

Volume 2

cd NONVOL2 (1991) (excerpt): Lush: Tiny Smiles [CAD2002], Spirea X: Signed D. C. (acoustic version) [R CAD1017]

Follow Out Trax VII (1991)

cd NONREP1 (1991) (excerpt): Lush: Nothing Natural [NONLU4]

Promo release in the US by Reprise (PRO-CD-5607).


cd NONUVS1 (1991) (excerpt): Kurt Ralske: Tar, Iodine, Blood and Lust

Produced by Terry Tolkin. Released by No. 6 Records.


cas NONVOX1 (1991) (excerpt): Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [Re CAD1017]

Cassette included with an issue of Vox magazine. Radio 1 session.

Indie Top 20 Vol XI

cd lp NONIND11 (cd), NONIND11 (lp) (1991) (excerpt): Pale Saints: Half-Life, Remembered [BAD0015CD], Pixies: Dig for Fire [AD0014]

Released by Beechwood Music (TT011 CD).

Rough Trade - Music for the 90's: Vol 3

cd NONRT4 (1991) (excerpt): The Wolfgang Press: Louis XIV [CAD1011], Throwing Muses: Not Too Soon [CAD1002], Pixies: Planet of Sound [CAD1014], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005]

Released by Rough Trade in Austria (RTD 199-1215-2).

Lollapalooza 92

cd NONLOL1 (1992) (excerpt): Lush: Superblast! (4:08) [CAD2002]

Promo release (by Warner Bros?) for the Lolla festival (PRO-CD-5500).

In a Field of Their Own

cd NONNME3 (Jun 1992) (excerpt): The Breeders: Iris [L CAD0006], Lush: Starlust [L CAD4011]

Double cd lasting over 130 minutes available only from the NME (glaston1dcd). A track each from most (or all) groups appering in the Glastonbury music festival the 26th to the 28th June 1992. All profits went to Greenpeace.

Volume 3

cd NONVOL3 (1992) (excerpt): The Breeders: Safari [R BAD2003]

Cover scan:


cd Lilliput1&2 (1992): Bauhaus: Dark Entries [AXIS3 (7")], The The: Controversial Subject [AD10], The Birthday Party: Nick the Stripper [CAD104], Modern English: I Melt With You [CAD206], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411], Xmal Deutschland: Incubus Succubus II [AD311], Cocteau Twins: The Spangle Maker [BAD405], Clan Of Xymox: Stranger [CAD503], Colourbox: Baby I Love You So [AD604], Throwing Muses: Hate My Way [CAD607], Dif Juz: No Motion [GAD109/116CD], M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume [AD707], Ultra Vivid Scene: Mercy Seat [CAD809], Dead Can Dance: The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], Pixies: Monkey Gone To Heaven [CAD905], Lush: De-Luxe [GAD2K22CD], Pale Saints: Throwing Back The Apple [CAD2004], Pale Saints: Featherframe [CAD2004], The Wolfgang Press: A Girl Like You [BAD2006], The Wolfgang Press: Birmingham [CAD1011], Michael Brook: Breakdown [CAD2007], Michael Brook: Urbana [CAD2007], Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [AD1004], Spirea X: Signed D. C. [CAD1017], Heidi Berry: Gloria [CAD1012], His Name Is Alive: Are We Still Married? [CAD1013], Swallow: Tastes Like Honey [CAD2010], Swallow: Follow Me Down [CAD2010], Pale Saints: A Thousand Stars Burst Open [rib1]

The nicely silkscreened cd's are built into the front and back cover of a 10" book. The covers are thick chipboard with a blue and orange Chris Bigg scibble on the front and a cryptic number thing on the back (33 and 45 rpms, 15 and 300/500). The first half of the book has a short story about the development of 4AD along with various v23 photos. The second half of the book gives each of the bands on disc 2 two pages and a very short description. Also, the book has a shiny gold 4AD logo stuck on the front and the whole thing is bound with binding tape. At first, it looked like it was taped back together, but after closer examination, it is part of the design. A t-shirt came with the package. It's grey with the blue and orange design and the number thing. The shirt is 25% polyester! Limited edition of 3000 copies. 2500 were shipped til the USA as a promo item for Warner Brothers and US retailers. Also released in Taiwan as «The Sounds of 4AD», which might be a bootleg. «A Thousand Stars Burst Open» plays as a part of the last track and not listed on the cover.

Soundtrack from «Matter of Degrees»

lp cd NONSOU2 (lp), NONSOU2 (cd) (1992) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Matter of Degrees [Re (*Backroad*)]

«Matter of Degrees» is the same song as «Backroad», with Tanya on backing vocals, and an extra line that includes the different title.

Cover scan:

Volume 4

cd NONVOL4 (1992) (excerpt): Swallow: Lovesleep (vocal version) [R CAD2010], Throwing Muses: Firepile [R CAD2013]

CD with 200 page booklet.


lp GUP1lp (1992): Unrest: Suki [GU1LP], Underground Lovers: I Was Right [GU2LP]

Promo release.

Cover scan: Various.92.postcard.jpg


cas UNV (cas) (1992): Swallow: Lovesleep [CAD2010], Swallow: Tastes Like Honey [CAD2010], Swallow: Sugar Your Mind [CAD2010], Red House Painters: Michael [CAD2014], Red House Painters: Medicine Bottle [CAD2014]

blank UNV (postcard) (1992)

Given away at the CMJ showcase in November.

Cover scan: Various.AndDogBonesToo.cas.jpg

...and dog bones, too

cas cd 21512 (cas), 21512 (cd) (1992): The Wolfgang Press: Sucker M.F. [R (*Sucker*) CAD1011], Swallow: Lovesleep [CAD2010], Red House Painters: Michael [CAD2014], Throwing Muses: Pearl [CAD2013], Lush: Nothing Natural [LUSH1CD], Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [AD1004], Belly: Dusted [BAD2009], His Name is Alive: The Dirt Eaters [CAD9002CD], Michael Brook: Shona Bridge [CAD2007], The Breeders: Do You Love Me Now? [BAD2003], Pale Saints: Neverending Night [CAD2004], The Birthday Party: Sonny's Burning [BAD301], Modern English: I Melt With You [CAD206], Pixies: U-Mass [CAD1014], This Mortal Coil: Song to the Siren [CAD411]

Promo cassette. The art is the same as the promo cassettes above, except more of it. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg. The last track is not listed anywhere.

Trademark of Quality

cd NONTOQ1 (1992) (excerpt): The Wolfgang Press: Birmingham (Howard Gray Mix) [R CAD1011]

Promo released by Warner in the US (PR5798). «Birmingham» remixed by Howard Gray.

Cover scan:

Volume 5

cd NONVOL5 (Dec 1992) (excerpt): Bettie Serveert: Brain-Tag (original version) [R GU3S], Cocteau Twins: Frosty the Snowman, Red House Painters: Uncle Joe [R CAD3016]

CD with 200 page booklet.

Cover scan:

Stolar Tracks (vol. 1)

cd NONSTO1 (1992) (excerpt): Lush: Superblast! [CAD2002]


cd NONVAR9 (1992) (excerpt): Lush: For Love [CAD2002], Pixies: Planet of Sound [CAD1014], Pale Saints: Kinky Love [BAD1009]

Released by Dino Entertainment (DINCD38) in the UK.

Soundtrack from «Floundering»

cd NONOST1 (1992) (excerpt): Red House Painters: Lord Kill the Pain [Re CAD2014]

Released in the US by Caroline (CAR-1775-2).

Falling From Grace OST

cd NONSOU3 (1992) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Bud's Theme, Lisa Germano: Little Children

Soundtrack album released by Mercury (314-512004-2).

Five Alive

cas cd NONMM2 (cas), NONMM2 (cd) (Jan 30 1993) (excerpt): Belly: White Belly (3:25) [Re CAD3002]

Cassette given away with the Jan 30, 1993 issue of Melody Maker. Exclusive tracks from the Radio 1FM Mark Goodier Show July 25, 1992 (MMMC ONE). The cd is a promo release (MM PRO-CD 100).

UK Buzz #004

lp NONUKB1 (1993) (excerpt): This Mortal Coil: Holocaust [CAD411]

Cover scan:

Mai Pen Rai

cd NONIPR1 (1993): Belly: Feed the Tree [CAD3002], Ultra Vivid Scene: Blood and Thunder [CAD2017], Frank Black: Los Angeles [CAD3004], Heidi Berry: The Moon and the Sun [CAD3009], Red House Painters: Rollercoaster [DAD3008], Dead Can Dance: The Carnival Is Over [CADC3013], His Name Is Alive: In Every Ford [CAD3006], Unrest: Teenage Suicide [BAD3007], Underground Lovers: Promenade [GU2LP], This Mortal Coil: You And Your Sister [DAD1005], Matt Johnson: Another Boy Drowning [CAD113], Dance Chapter: Anonymity [AD18]

A 4AD retail sampler designed by Bruce Licher of Independent Project Records. It's a cardboard things that folds out. There are 8 different colour combinations available. The last track is not listed on the packaging.

Soil Samples

7 NONSOIL1 (1993) (excerpt): His Name Is Alive: Darling

Clear vinyl promo with a track by HNIA on one side (PR6107). The track «Darling» is an outtake from the «Mouth By Mouth» sessions.

Cover scan:

Stolar Tracks Vol. 2

cd NONSTO2 (1993) (excerpt): Belly: Feed the Tree [R CAD3002]

CD released as a promotional item for Stoli Vodka.

Cover scan:

Volume 6

cd NONV6 (Apr 13 1993) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Cut Throat (5:13) [R CAD2017], Belly: White Belly (demo) (3:26) [R CAD3002]

HMV Video Sampler

video NONHMV1 (1993): Frank Black: Los Angeles [CAD3004], Pale Saints: Blue Flower [BAD2008], Lush: Nothing Natural [LUSH1CD], His Name Is Alive: Are We Still Married? [CAD1013], Pixies: Head On [CAD1014], Michael Brook: Breakdown [CAD2007], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005], The Breeders: Safari [BAD2003], Frank Black: Hang On To Your Ego [CAD3004], The Wolfgang Press: A Girl Like You [GAD2104CD], Lush: For Love [CAD2002], Pixies: Here Comes Your Man [CAD905]

Free video sampler given away in large quantities by HMV in Toronto.

Cover scan: Various.93.cas.jpg


cas NONPRO2 (1993): Red House Painters: Grace Cathedral Park [DAD3008], Red House Painters: Mistress [DAD3008], Red House Painters: Strawberry Hill [DAD3008], His Name Is Alive: In Every Ford [CAD3006], His Name Is Alive: Drink, Dress and Ink [CAD3006], His Name Is Alive: Can't Go Wrong Without You [CAD3006], His Name Is Alive: The Dirt Eaters [CAD3006]

Cover scan:

Music for the 90's Volume 5

cd NONRT2 (1993) (excerpt): Belly: Slow Dog (4:03) [BAD2009], Frank Black: Los Angeles (4:08) [CAD3004], Red House Painters: Mistress [DAD3008], Dead Can Dance: Toward the Within (7:06) [CADC3013], His Name Is Alive: Baby Fish Mouth [CAD3006]

Sampler released by Rough Trade (RTD 199.15999.2).

Soil Samples 13

7 NONSOIL2 (1993): Unrest: Folklore, Heidi Berry: Unholy Light [BAD3010]

Promo released by Warner in the US (PRO-S 6414).

Cover scan:


cd NONDEW1 (1993): The Moon Seven Times: Michelle [Re CAD613], Hover: When I Was A Painter [Re CAD0006], immer essen: Not In Love (Hit By A Truck) [Re BAD806], Livia: Mizake the Mizan [Re AD0011], Red Zoo: 5/10 [Re CAD201], Independent Machanical Industry: Swing Like A Baby [Re CAD810], GLE: Hate My Way [Re CAD607], Clarity: Saltarello [Re CAD0007], Orange: Gigantic [Re CAD803], The Gosh Guys: Where Is My Mind? [Re CAD803], Floral Majority: Blue Flower [Re BAD2008], Firecracker: There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words [Re CAD1013], Tel Basta: I Melt With You [Re CAD206]

A collection of 4AD covers released by Dewdrops Records, featuring mostly people with some connection to the 4ad-l mailing list (DEW001). 1000 copies made with a green and white cover. Sleeve by Brant Nelson and Tony Evans. «Michelle» featuring Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne and Brendan Gamble. «When I Was A Painter» featuring Bob Higgins, Nick Nichols, Brad Searles and Jan Tofferi. «Not In Love (Hit By A Truck)» featuring Molly Black and Steven Schuldt. «Mizake the Mizan» featuring Keith Richmond and Heather Flower. «5/10» featuring Red West, Regan Merante and Crazy Ivan. «Swing Like A Baby» featuring Robert Warnock and Steve Hill. «Hate My Way» featuring Misha, Protein 93 and Mike Sikinger. «Saltarello» featuring Travis Kidd and Victor Virreira. «Gigantic» featuring Sonya Waters, Michael Papenbury, Topper and Mike Burns. «Where Is My Mind?» featuring Slender Fungus, Dead Dog, Humongous Fungus Amongus and Dittany Dingus. «Blue Flower» featuring Heather Flora, Kevin Majors, Cathy Weeks and Jen Maser. «There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words» featuring Michael Plaster, Jason Farrell and Tim Dever. «I Melt With You» featuring Pine, Brett Klinker, Daniel James and Jason Kleinberg.

Cover scan: Various.4ADPresentsThe13YearItch.flyer.jpg Cover scan: Cover scan:

4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

cd (shuffle) (cd) (1993): Lush: Desire Lines (demo) [R CAD4011], Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost (demo) [R CAD4002], Red House Painters: Mistress [Re DAD3008], Underground Lovers: Your Eyes [Re GU2LP], The Wolfgang Press: Peace On Fire, Unrest: Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?, The Breeders: Invisible Man (demo) [R CAD3014], Bettie Serveert: Totally Freaked Out, Brendan Perry: Happy Time, Heidi Berry: Firefly, Pale Saints: One Blue Hill (demo) [R CAD4014], His Name Is Alive: The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light, Ultra Vivid Scene: This Is The Way (part 2) [Re CAD2017]

video (shuffle) (video) (1993): The Breeders: Cannonball [CAD3014], Unrest: Isabel [BAD3007], Pixies: Dig For Fire [AD0014], Pixies: Allison [CAD0010], Frank Black: Los Angeles [CAD3004], Bettie Serveert: Tom Boy [GU3LP], The Wolfgang Press: Kansas [CAD810], His Name Is Alive: Are We Still Married? [CAD1013], His Name Is Alive: Lip [Re CAD3006], His Name Is Alive: Can't Go Wrong Without You [CAD3006], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005], Michael Brook: Breakdown [CAD2007], Heidi Berry: The Moon And The Sun [CAD3009], Red House Painters: 24 [CAD2014], Throwing Muses: Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Pale Saints: Blue Flower [BAD2008], Swallow: Oceans And Blue Skies [CAD2010], Lush: Superblast [CAD2002], Ultra Vivid Scene: Blood And Thunder [CAD2017]

blank (shuffle) (flyer) (1993)

All tracks are unique to this 13 Year Itch compilation. Available for one week only as a limited edition of 2000. The CD was released in a digipak. The video was available in both NTSC and PAL formats. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Tony Gibson, Botany Lithographics and James Upton Limited. «Happy Time» written by Tim Buckley. «This Is The Way» featuring Duric Chrysler. «Cannonball» directed by Spike Janze and Kim Gordon. «Isabel» directed by James Brummell. «Dig For Fire» directed by Peter Scammell. «Allison» directed by Peter Scammell. «Los Angeles» directed by John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants). «Tom Boy» directed by Jesse Peretz. «Kansas» directed by Peter Scammell and The Wolfgang Press. «Are We Still Married?» directed by The Brothers Quay. «Lip» directed by Kenny Greenbaum and Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive). «Can't Go Wrong Without You» directed by The Brothers Quay. «Late Night» directed by Alexander Spaszt. «Breakdown» directed by Miles Aldridge. «The Moon And The Sun» directed by Angela Conway (AC Marias). «24» directed by Mark Taylor. «Counting Backwards» directed by Katherine Beickmann. «Blue Flower» directed by Peter Scammell. «Oceans And Blue Skies» directed by Mark Chase and Mike Mason (Swallow). «Superblast» directed by Brett Turnbull. «Blood And Thunder» directed by Miles Aldridge.

A Century of Vivisection and Antivivisection

cd NONVIV1 (1993) (excerpt): Lush: God's Gift [AD1016]

Soundtrack from «Baraka»

cd NONBAR1 (1993) (excerpt): Dead Can Dance: Yulunga [CADC3013]

Cat. no. Milan 73138-35652-2.

NME Field Trip

cas NONNME6 (Sep 11 1993) (excerpt): Belly: White Belly (live) [R CAD3002]

Free cassette given away with the Sep. 11 1993 issue of New Musical Express.

Cover scan: Unrest.WhereAreAllThosePuertoRicanBoys.single.jpg

Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?

7 NONUN2 (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys? [R (shuffle) (cd)]

Released by TeenBeat (TeenBeat 121). This single was only available on _The Unrest/Sterolab Tour_ Oct 13-Nov 22/1993. Limited to 2000. «Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?» remixed by Mark Robinson (Unrest) and Robert Christiansen. «Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?» produced by Brian Paulsen. «Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?» featuring Butch Willis.

Stone Free

cd NONHEN1 (1993) (excerpt): Belly: Are You Experienced?

Jimi Hendrix tribute album. «Are You Experienced?» written by Jimi Hendrix.

Five Alive Take Two

cas NONMM3 (Oct 2 1993) (excerpt): The Breeders: Hag (2:30) [R CAD3014]

Cassette given away with a copy of Melody Maker. Exclusive tracks from the BBC Radio 1 FM Mark Goodier Show (MMMC TWO).

Trademark of Quality

cd NONVAR1 (1993) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost (demo) [(shuffle) (cd)], Unrest: So So Sick [R NONUN1]

Promo released by Warner Bros in the US.


cd NONBS1 (1993) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Little Fox [CAD3009], Belly: Gepetto [CAD3002]

CD released by the Body Shop. Proceeds go the San Francisco AIDS foundation.


cd GUP3cd (1993): That Dog.: Old Timer [GU6LP], That Dog.: Angel [GU6LP], That Dog.: She [CAD2205], Spoonfed Hybrid: Heaven's Knot [GU5LP], Spoonfed Hybrid: Boys in Zinc [GU5LP], Spoonfed Hybrid: Lynched [GU5LP], Insides: Distractions [GU4LP], Insides: Carly Simon [GU4LP], Insides: Skykicking [GU4LP]

Promo cd given away at the Guernica launch November 4 '93 at the Borderline, London.

Great Xpectations Live

cd NONGX1 (1993) (excerpt): Belly: Full Moon, Empty Heart (live) [R CAD3002], Belly: Dusted (live) [R CAD3002]

Mixed by Gil Norton. Recorded from a live show June 13th 1993 to support XFM and its bid for a London radio licence.

Class of '93

cd NONVOX2 (Dec 1993) (excerpt): Belly: Slow Dog [R CAD3002]

Independent20 #16

cd NONVAR20 (1993) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Firepile [CAD2013], Belly: Dusted [BAD2009]

Produced by Malcolm Burn.

Warped Reality

7 NONVAR26 (1993) (excerpt): His Name Is Alive: My Canada

Flexi issued with Warped Reality magazine #4.

Cover scan: Various.Chin1.CHIN1.jpg

Chin 1

7 CHIN1 (1994): Insides: Walking in Straight Lines [GU4LP], The Glee Club: Bad Child's Dolly [R 45496 (lp)]

Promo single. (The catalogue number refers to Bev Chin, 4AD-US.) Sleeve by Chris Bigg. This version of «Bad Child's Dolly» does not feature a fade-out, but a clean end.

Gimme 5

cas NONMM5 (1994) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Teeth [L CAD4002]

Cassette given away free with the March 5, 1994 issue of Melody Maker (MMMC FOUR). «Teeth» recorded January 12, 1994 for Craig Cash, Signal Radio, Cheshire.

Cover scan:

Volume Nine

cd NONVOL9 (1994) (excerpt): That Dog.: One Summer Night, Kristin Hersh: Close Your Eyes (demo) [R CAD4002]

Secret Tracks 2

cas NONSEL1 (1994) (excerpt): Frank Black: Freedom Rock [DAD4009], Lush: The Childcatcher [45789 (cd)], Kristin Hersh: The Key [Re BAD4001], Lisa Germano: Energy [CAD4005]

Cassette included with the May 1994 issue of Select.

Rare on Air

cd NONVAR3 (1994) (excerpt): Brendan Perry: The Captive Heart [CAD9015]

Brace Yourself

cd NONVAR4 (1994): Frank Black: Handyman, Frank Black: Breathless

Tribute album to Otis Blackwell. «Handyman» written by Otis Blackwell. «Breathless» written by Otis Blackwell.

Volume 10

cd NONVOL10 (1994) (excerpt): Lush: Tinkerbell [BAD6001CD], Insides: Tikky

Soundtrack from «With Honors»

cd NONVAR5 (1994) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost [CAD4002]

Bouqet of Dreams Vol. 2

cd NONVAR6 (1994) (excerpt): The Glee Club: Icy Blue [45496 (lp)]

Released by Dark Star in Germany.

Cover scan: Cover scan:

All Virgos Are Mad

cd 45789 (cd) (1994): Dead Can Dance: Rakim [R DAD4015], Pale Saints: Fine Friend (5:44) [R CAD4014], Red House Painters: Saw Geronimo, Heidi Berry: The Mountain [CAD6011], Lisa Germano: Geek The Girl [CAD4017], His Name Is Alive: Liberty Girl, Lush: The Childcatcher [R CAD6004], The Wolfgang Press: One, Michael Brook: Diffusing, The Breeders: Saints [R CAD3014], Air Miami: Pucker, Kendra Smith: Bold Marauder [CAD5006]

video 45789 (video) (1994): The Breeders: Saints [CAD3014], Unrest: Cath Carroll [CAD3012], Lisa Germano: Puppet [CAD4005], Michael Brook: Breakdown [CAD2007], His Name Is Alive: Can't Go Wrong Without You [CAD3006], Red House Painters: 24 [CAD2014], Pale Saints: Blue Flower [BAD2008], Lush: Hypocrite [CAD4011], The Wolfgang Press: Kansas [CAD810], Heidi Berry: The Moon and the Sun [CAD3009], Dead Can Dance: The Carnival Is Over [CADC3013], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005]

A special compilation of unreleased and new material by various 4AD artists. This limited edition 4AD CD-only compilation was created specifically for the «All Virgos Are Mad» week held in Los Angeles Sept 27th thru Oct 3rd. the cd contains 12 either newly recorded or previously unreleased tracks by various 4AD artists. Limited to 10,000 copies. Sleeve by v23, Michele Turriani and Veronique Bour. Also released as a promo in France by Virgin (VISA 3476). «Liberty Girl» featuring Dara.

Just Say Roe

cd NONROE1 (1994) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Hysterical Bending

Album celebrating the Roe v. Wade US High Court decicion.

Trademark of Quality

cd NONTOQ2 (1994) (excerpt): Red House Painters: Summer Dress [CADC5005], Throwing Muses: Teller (demo) [R CAD5002], Lush: The Childcatcher [45789 (cd)]

Promo released by Warner in the US (PRO7206).

From Greer to Eternity

7 NONVAR12 (1994): Lush: The Childcatcher [45789 (cd)]

Double 7" released by Fierce Panda (NING05).

Cover scan:

Hector Zazou - Sahara Blue

cd NONSB2 (1994) (excerpt): Dead Can Dance: Youth, Dead Can Dance: Black Stream

This CD is a collaboration between Zazou and a number of artists. DCD appear on two tracks. Released by Crammed Disks in Belgium (MTM 32). At least two versions exist -- an earlier pressing apparently doesn't feature the DCD tracks.

Radio Odyssey

cd NONRO1 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hazing [L CAD5002], Lisa Germano: My Secret Reason [L CAD4017]

Compilation from WRAS Album 88 released by MCA in Canada.

Cover scan:

No Balls

cd 7300 (1995): Air Miami: Airplane Rider, Heidi Berry: The Mountain [CAD6011], Dead Can Dance: Rakim [45789 (cd)], Pale Saints: One Blue Hill [CAD4014], Lisa Germano: Cry Wolf [CAD4017], Kendra Smith: Bold Marauder [CAD5006], The Wolfgang Press: People Say [CAD4016], Red House Painters: Summer Dress [CADC5005]

Promo release with tracks picked by Vaughan Oliver.

Cover scan: Various.JoeFriday_.single.jpg Cover scan: Various.JoeFriday.single.jpg

Joe Friday

7 K9 (1995): Liquorice: Drive Around [CAD5008], Kendra Smith: In Your Head [CAD5006], Red House Painters: Long Distance Runaround

Promo release.

Cover scan:

Red Hot + Bothered, The Indie Rock Guide To Dating #1

cd NONRHB1 (1995) (excerpt): Freedom Cruise: Sensational Gravity Boy, Liquorice: Little League, Lisa Germano: The Mirror Is Gone [NONLG1]

Freedom Cruise features Kim & Kelley Deal.

Cover scan:

...think I'm getting the hang of it

cd 7625 (1995): Lisa Gerrard: Sanvean (I am your Shadow) [CADC5009], Air Miami: Dolphin Expressway [CAD5011], Liquorice: Cheap Cuts [CAD5008], Heidi Berry: Miracle (new version) [FTWW1], Scheer: Sometimes [BAD5012], The Wolfgang Press: Christianity (Wicked Man Remix) [FTWW1], Tarnation: The Well [CAD5010], Kendra Smith: Valley of the Morning Sun [CAD5006], Red House Painters: Cabezon [CADC5005], Mojave 3: Love Songs On The Radio

Promo release given away in conjuction with the Body Shop in the US (PRO-CD-7625). The last track is not listed on the packaging. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jason Love. «Christianity» remixed by P. Steir.

Cover scan:

Facing The Wrong Way

cd FTWW1 (1995): Scheer: Take You Anywhere [BAD5012], Throwing Muses: Snakeface [CAD5002], Red House Painters: Summer Dress [CADC5005], Tarnation: The Well [CAD5010], Air Miami: You Sweet Little Heartbreaker [CAD5011], Mojave 3: Love Songs on the Radio [CAD5013], Belly: Super-Connected [CAD5004], The Wolfgang Press: Christianity (Wicked Man Remix) [R CAD4016], Heidi Berry: Miracle (new version) [R CAD6011], Lisa Gerrard: Sanvean (I am your Shadow) [CADC5009], Liquorice: Cheap Cuts [CAD5008], Kendra Smith: Valley of the Morning Sun [CAD5006], The Amps: Empty Glasses (Kim's Basement 4 track version) [BAD5015]

Free cd given away with purchase of some other 4AD release (in the UK). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Kees Hubers and Jason Love. «Christianity» remixed by P. Steir.

Facing The Wrong Way

12ep FTWW23 (1995): Scheer: Take You Anywhere [BAD5012], Air Miami: You Sweet Little Heartbreaker [CAD5011], The Amps: Empty Glasses (Kim's Basement 4 track version) [BAD5015], Mojave 3: Love Songs on the Radio [CAD5013]

Out Loud

cd NONOL1 (1995): Throwing Muses: Finished [L TAD2019CD]

Benefit for a lesbian and gay human rights group. «Finished» remix of the version on «The Curse».

Wings of Desire

cd NONVAR11 (1995) (excerpt): Lush: Love at First Sight [GAD2K22CD]

Released by Fierce Panda (NONG1).


cd NONAN1 (1995) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Angels Turn To Devils

Double cd compilation released by Caste von Buhler in the US.

Cover scan:

Volume 13

cd NONVOL13 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hillbilly

Released by Volume (13VCD13).

Step Right Up: The Songs Of Tom Waits

cd NONVAR21 (1995) (excerpt): Pale Saints: Jersey Girl

Tribute album released by Manifesto Records. The Pale Saints track was probably the last thing they recorded before breaking up.

Buddha on the Moon

7 NONVAR23 (1995) (excerpt): Pale Saints: A Deep Sleep For Steven [CAD0002]

This is Fort Apache

cd NONVAR29 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Run Letter [CAD802]

MCA Records (MCAD-111179).

Cover scan: Various.ShavingThePavement.cas.jpg

Shaving the Pavement

cas NONSTP1 (1996): Lush: Ladykillers [CAD6004], Lush: Tinkerbell [BAD6001CD], Mojave 3: Where is the Love [CAD5013], Mojave 3: Mercy (KCWR acoustic) [R CAD5013], Scheer: Screaming [CAD6006], Scheer: You Said (electric version) [R BAD5012], Liquorice: Team Player [CAD5008], Lisa Germano: Small Heads [CAD6012], Heidi Berry: The Devil, His Name Is Alive: ESP Summer, The Amps: Pacer [CAD5016], Tarnation: Halfway to Madness

Sampler released by 4AD/WB/Reprise (PRO-C-8096) in connection with the «Shaving the Pavement» tour.

Cover scan:

Shaving Kit Music

cd NONSTP2 (1996): Scheer: Shéa [CAD6006], Scheer: Wish You Were Dead [CAD6006], Scheer: Screaming [CAD6006], Scheer: Babysize, Mojave3: Love Songs on the Radio [CAD5013], Mojave3: After All [CAD5013], Mojave3: Mercy [CAD5013], Mojave3: Tomorrow's Taken [CAD5013], Lush: Lady Killers [CAD6004], Lush: Ciao! [CAD6004], Lush: I've Been Here Before [CAD6004], Lush: Olympian

Promo release by 4AD/Warner in the US (PRO-CD-8165-R).


lp cd NONVAR10 (lp), NONVAR10 (cd) (1996) (excerpt): Lush: Mannequin

Wire tribute album. «Mannequin» written by Wire.

Volume 15

cd NONVOL15 (1996) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Circling Girl, Scheer: Don't Know Why [R NONSC1]

Volume 16

cd NONVOL16 (1996): Lush: Half and Half

Released by Volume (V16CD).

Cover scan: Various.YeahBut.single_.jpg Cover scan: Various.YeahBut.single.jpg

Yeah, but...

7 NONVAR24 (1996): Tarnation: His Middle Name, Air Miami: Neely (demo) [R CAD5011], Scheer: Don't Know Why (live demo) [R NONSC1]

Sampler released by 4AD (PRO-S-7630).

Cover scan: Various.YouCanRelyOnToast.cd_.jpg Cover scan:

You Can Rely On Toast

cd 326 (1996): Dead Can Dance: The Snake And The Moon [DAD6008], Dead Can Dance: Indus [DAD6008], Dead Can Dance: Song Of The Dispossessed, Heidi Berry: Miracle [CAD6011], Mojave 3: Mercy [CAD5013], Lisa Germano: Bruises [CAD6012], Lush: Ladykillers [CAD6004], scheer: Shae, His Name Is Alive: Last One [CAD6010]

Promo release released by Warner in Latin America (PRO-CD-326). Made in Germany.

Are You Ready For This? Music from the Extreme Games

cd NONVAR18 (1996) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hillbilly (3:23) [NONVOL13]

Released by Reprise (9 45981-2).

The Twist & Shout 6 O'Clock Good News

cd NONVAR19 (1996) (excerpt): Lush: Ladykillers (Ruff Mix) [R CAD6004]

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-7815).

Talkin' 'Bout Sweet Relief (Onstage and in the Artists' Own Words)

cd NONVAR31 (1996) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh and Vic Chestnutt: Panic Pure [L]

Promo released by Columbia (CSK 8831).

Sweet Relief II- Gravity of the Situation

cd NONVAR32 (1996) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Panic Pure [R NONVAR31]

R.E.M. "Sponge" and others

cd NONVAR33 (1996) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Panic Pure [NONVAR32]

Promo released by Columbia (CSK 8219).

Some of Our Best Friends Are

cd NONVAR34 (1997) (excerpt): Tarnation: Little Black Egg [DAD7004], Tarnation: There's Someone [DAD7004]

Promo released by Reprise (PRO-CD-8664).

Cover scan: Cover scan:

Shoe Pie

cd unknown (1997): Lush: Runaway [CAD6004], Throwing Muses: Freeloader [CAD6014], Mojave 3: Mercy [CAD5013], Heidi Berry: Holy Grail [CAD6011], Dead Can Dance: The Snake And The Moon [DAD6008], Michael Brook: Arrival [CAD7003], Gus Gus: Polyesterday [DAD7005CD], Tanya Donelly: Bum [CAD7008], Pale Saints: A Thousand Stars Burst Open [CAD2004], The Breeders: Safari [BAD2003], Scheer: Demon [CAD6006], Lisa Germano: I Love A Snot [CAD6012], His Name Is Alive: Nice Day [JAD7009CD], Tanya Donelly: Human [BAD6018CD], Paladins: One Step

Promo released in the US in conjunction with Doc Martens. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Matthew Welch.

Volume 17

cd NONVOL17 (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Like A Dog (demo) [R AD4018], Cocteau Twins: Touch Upon Touch

3 cd set released by Volume.

Soil Samples 22

7 NONSS3 (1997): Tarnation: Do You Fancy Me [CAD5010], Liquorice: Team Player [CAD5008]

Promo release on yellow vinyl (PRO-S-7802).

Soil Samples 24

12 NONSS1 (1997) (excerpt): Polymovie (Polyesterday Moviemix) (6:21) [R (*Polyesterday*) BAD6013]

Promo released in the US by Warner Bros (PRO-A-8746).

Vox Magazine

cd NONVOX3 (Apr 1997) (excerpt): Gus Gus: Believe (b16 mix) [R DAD7005CD]

Included with an issue of Vox Magazine.

Time And Love - The Music of Laura Nyro

cd NONLN1 (1997) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Eli's Comin'

Cover scan: Cover scan: Various.Joyride.postcard.jpg Cover scan: Various.Joyride.246625A.jpg


cd NONJOY1 (Nov 18 1997): Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [AD1004], Lush: Light From A Dead Star [CAD4011], Tarnation: Game of Broken Hearts [CAD5010], Swallow: Cherry Stars Collide [CAD2010], Baked Bean: Unbearable Lightness of Bean, Baked Bean: Human Bean, This Mortal Coil: Something Borrowed, scheer: Canon) (instrumental), Oliver Lieb: Subsonic Interferences, Colourbox: Shootout [BAD604], Michael Brook: Breakdown [AD215], This Mortal Coil: Ivy & Neet [DAD609], Pale Saints: A Thousand Stars Burst Open [CAD2004], Lush: Desire Lines [CAD4011], This Mortal Coil: Meniscus [DAD609], Dif Juz: No Motion [GAD109/116CD], His Name Is Alive: Home [CAD105CD]

Soundtrack released by Warner Brothers (46825-2).

Invisible Soundtracks (Macro 1)

cd NONAM3 (1997) (excerpt): Air Miami: Nevada 2007

Compilation releaesd by Leaf Records (REEL 12 CD).

MediaAmerica Radio Presents All Access

cd NONVAR27 (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Limbo [L CAD6014], Throwing Muses: Shimmer [L CAD5002], Throwing Muses: Bright Yellow Gun [L CAD5002], Throwing Muses: Ruthie's Knocking [L CAD6014], Throwing Muses: Two Step [L CAD1002]

(Live) in Cannon Falls, Minnesota 1996. Pachiaderm Studios, 1997 Paradigm Music. Bio info from radio guy between songs with commercials.

Xmas Marks the Spot

cd NONVAR28 (1997) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Amazing Grace [BAD1001]

Released by Rykodisc (RCD 10386).

Just Say Yes (Sire's Winter Cd Music Sampler)

cd NONVAR36 (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: A Feeling [MAD706]

Cover scan:


cd TAD8001CD (Feb 2 1998): His Name Is Alive: Ain't No Lie, Mojave 3: To Whom Should I Write [CAD8018], scheer: Say What You Came To Say, Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013], Starry Smooth Hound: Dreamt You In A Dream, Gus Gus: Blue Mug (Demo Version), Thievery Corporation: The Foundation [CAD8006], The Hope Blister: Dagger [R CAD8008], Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke: Sacrifice [CAD8004], Kristin Hersh: Gazebo Tree [CAD8003CD], Cuba: Havana [CAD9014]

Limited sampler sold cheaply. The Cuba track at the end is not listed. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg.

Dust Distorts

cd NONVAR22 (1998): Bauhaus: In The Flat Field [CAD13], The Birthday Party: Nick The Stripper [CAD104], Colourbox: The Moon Is Blue [CAD508], Ultra Vivid Scene: Special One [CAD0005], Lush: I've Been Here Before [CAD6004], Belly: Geppetto, Tarnation: Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right [CAD5010], Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost [CAD4002], The Hope Blister: Sweet Unknown [CAD8008], Lisa Germano: Tomorrowing [CAD8013], Starry Smooth Hound: Coco Crush (edit), His Name Is Alive: Can't Always Be Loved [R CAD8009], Thievery Corporation: 38:45 [4ADMC1], Gus Gus: Polyfunk, Cuba: Urban Light (12:00 am) [BAD8010]

Sampler released in Spain.

Clustered and Clipped

cas 4ADMC1 (1998): Thievery Corporation: .38.45, Cuba: Urban Light [R CAD9014], The Hope Blister: Sweet Unknown [CAD8008], Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke: The Human Game [CAD8004], Gus Gus: Purple (Sasha V The Light Edit) [R DAD7005CD], Mojave 3: Who Do You Love [CAD8018], Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013], Pixies: Wave Of Mutilation (BBC Version) [R CAD905], His Name Is Alive: Wish I Had A Wishing Ring [CAD8009], Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD]

Sampler released in Canada by Polygram.

Cover scan:

Clustered and Clipped

cd 4ADCD1 (1998): Mojave 3: Who Do You Love [CAD8018], Cocteau Twins: Aikea-Guinea [AD501], This Mortal Coil: You And Your Sister [DAD1005], Michael Brook: Ultramarine [CAD2007], Modern English: I Melt With You [CAD206], Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], Pixies: Wave Of Mutilation (BBC Version) [4ADMC1], M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume [AD707], Lush: 500 (Shake Baby Shake), Frank Black: Speedy Marie [DAD4009], The Birthday Party: Nick The Stripper [CAD104], Throwing Muses: Fish [CAD703], Dead Can Dance: The Host Of The Seraphim, Colourbox: Arena [CAD508], His Name Is Alive: Man On The Silver Mountain [CAD9002CD]

Sampler released in Canada by Polygram. The card inside states: ``This cd edition, available only in Canada, is limited to 2000 to promote 4AD's reissue campaign.'' Sleeve by Matthew Welch and Paul McMenamin.

Uncut CD

cd NONVAR25 (Nov 1998): Pixies: Debaser [CAD905], Lush: Hypocrite [CAD4011], Mojave 3: Go Lady Go [NONMJ2], Tanya Donelly: Lantern [CAD7008], His Name Is Alive: Wishing Ring [R BAD8015CD], Throwing Muses: Mania [CAD901], This Mortal Coil: You & Your Sister [DAD1005], Thievery Corporation: Shaolin Satellite [CAD8006], Gus Gus: Barry (Gi Gi Galaxy Remix) [R DAD7005CD], Cuba: Urban Light [CAD9014], Colourbox: Unofficial World Cup Theme, The Breeders: Saints [CAD3014], The Birthday Party: Big Jesus Trash Can [CAD207], Lisa Germano: Tomorrowing [CAD8013], Red House Painters: New Jersey [DAD3008], Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost [CAD4002], Dead Can Dance: American Dreaming [NONDCD6], The Hope Blister: Sweet Unknown [CAD8008], Cocteau Twins: Pearly Dewdrops Drop (7" Version)

Included with the November 1998 issue of Uncut magazine, who did a huge spread on the cds these tracks came from (UNCUT 4AD 6).

Kiddy's Got Four Fingers

cd PUP1 (1998): This Mortal Coil: You And Your Sister [DAD1005], His Name Is Alive: Universal Frequencies [CAD6010], His Name Is Alive: Country Girl, Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013], Dead Can Dance: The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], This Mortal Coil: I Come And Stand At Every Door [DAD1005], Starry Smooth Hound: Dreamt U In A Dream, The Birthday Party: Nick The Stripper [CAD104], Throwing Muses: Fish [CAD703], Cocteau Twins: Crushed [CT1CD], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411], The Hope Blister: Dagger [TAD8001CD], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005], M/A/R/R/S: Anitina [AD707], Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume [AD707], Bauhaus: Telegram Sam [AD17]

Promo release limited to 2500 copies.

ARD Teleconned Volume 1

cd NONVAR30 (1998) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Shake (live demo) [R CAD8003CD], His Name Is Alive: Jump the Boy (unreleased version)

Released by No Alternative Records (TRG 89380-2).

Just Say YO (Volume 2 Of Just Say Yes)

cd NONVAR35 (1998) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Mexican Women [CAD802]

Released by SIRE (25745-2).

CMJ New Music Monthly, February 1999

cd NONCMJ1 (1999) (excerpt): The Hope Blister: Sweet Unknown [CAD8008], Mojave 3: Some Kinda Angel [CAD8018]

CD included with the magazine.


cd CAN001CD (1999): Michael Brook: Breakdown [AD215], Cocteau Twins: Fifty-Fifty Clown [CAD0012], Brendan Perry: Saturday's Child [CAD9015], Kristin Hersh: San Francisco [CAD9008CD], Cuba: Black Island [CAD9014], Pixies: Gouge Away [CAD905], Thievery Corporation: Lebanese Blonde [CAD2K06], The Hope Blister: The Outer Skin [CAD8008], His Name Is Alive: Up Your Legs Forever [BAD6007CD], Gus Gus: Starlovers (Edit) [BAD9004], The Breeders: Hag [CAD3014], Mojave 3: Yer Feet [CAD8018], Red House Painters: Drop [CADC5005], Lakuna: Vega [GAD9010CD], The Birthday Party: A Dead Song [CAD104]

Promo compilation released in Canada by 4AD.

Cover scan:

Music for the Masses

cd NONVAR37 (1999) (excerpt): Gus Gus: Monument

Depeche Mode tribute album.

Antennae #1

cd NONVAR38 (1999) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Geek the Girl [CAD4017]

Part of a limited box set released by Brian Eno.


cd TAD2K23CD (2000): Minotaur Shock: Stencil, Magnétophone: Little Boy's Acorn, Paul Schutze and Simon Hopkins: Live in Nantes 2000 Official Bootleg

Initially available at the 4AD and Motion concert event "Fwd>Motion" held in an abandoned foam factory in London on September 30. Also available in limited quantities to Alma Road Mail Order subscribers.


cd NONLU20 (2000) (excerpt): Lush: Sweetness & Light [R GAD2K22CD]

Soundtrack album containing an incredible remix. «Sweetness & Light» remixed by My Bloody Valentine.

Cover scan:

Wig In A Box: Songs From & Inspired By Hedwig and the Angry Inch

cd NONVAR39 (2003) (excerpt): Frank Black: Sugar Daddy (04:04), The Breeders: Wicked Little Town (Hedwig Version) (03:36)

Not a sound track album per se, but new versions of tracks from the movie. The Breeders' track is fabulous.

Cover scan:

Plague Songs

cd CAD2616CD (2006): Klashnekoff: Blood (03:44), King Creosote: Relate the Tale (04:59), Stephin Merritt: The Meaning of Lice (03:02), Brian Eno with Robert Wyatt: Flies (05:47), Laurie Anderson: The Fifth Plague (03:24), Cody ChesnuTT: Boils (02:41), The Tiger Lilies: Hailstones (05:49), Imogen Heap: Glittering Cloud (03:36), Scott Walker: Darkenss (03:44), Rufus Wainwright: Katonah (04:15)

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