NONRO1 Various - Radio Odyssey

cd NONRO1 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hazing [L CAD5002], Lisa Germano: My Secret Reason [L CAD4017]

Compilation from WRAS Album 88 released by MCA in Canada.

NONME6 Modern English - Rainbow's End

12ep NONME6 (1984): Rainbow's End [CAD402], Chapter 12 (edit) [R CAD402], Machines [CAD402]

Promo released by Sire in the US (PRO-A-2150).

102 The Past 7 Days - Raindance

7 AD102 (1981): Raindance, So Many Others

There's a small amount of bio/line-up info on Past 7 Days in Martin Lilleker's recent book «Beats Working For A Living: Sheffield Popular Music 1973-84».

907 The Wolfgang Press - Raintime

12ep BAD907 (1989): Raintime [R CAD810], Bottom Drawer [R CAD810], Slowtime [RR (*Raintime*) CAD810]

cd5 BAD907CD (1989): BAD907, Assasination K. / Kanserous [R (*Kansas*) CAD810]

NONVAR3 Various - Rare on Air

cd NONVAR3 (1994) (excerpt): Brendan Perry: The Captive Heart [CAD9015]

NONPIX4 Pixies - Rare Pixies

cd NONPIX4 (1996): The Thing [GAD2103CD], Manta Ray [GAD2103CD], I've Been Waiting For You [GAD2103CD], Weird At My School [GAD2103CD], Down to the Well (original 87 version) [R CAD0010], Make Believe [GAD2103CD], Into The White [DADD7011CD], Rock a my Soul [NONSO1], Bailey's Walk [GAD2103CD], Evil Hearted You [GAD2103CD], Dancing the Manta Ray [GAD2103CD], Winterlong [GAD2103CD], Santo [GAD2103CD], Theme from Narc [GAD2103CD]

Promo released in France by Virgin (VISA 3680).

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