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lp cas cd GU4LP, GU4C, GU4CD (Nov 9 1993): Walking in Straight Lines, Bent Double, Darling Effect, Distractions, Relentless, Skin Divers, Carly Simon, Yes, Skykicking

«Insides» was once «Earwig» before one band member quit. Insides are J. Serge Tardo and Kirsty Yates. Engineered by Keith Mitchell. The LP included a 7" single. Featuring Dimitri Voulis. Sleeve by the Senate, Insides and Valerie Phillips.


7 GU4S (1993): Further Distractions, Turning Absentmindedly

33 rpm single included with GU4LP.

Various - unknown

cd GUP3cd (1993) (excerpt): Insides: Distractions [GU4LP], Insides: Carly Simon [GU4LP], Insides: Skykicking [GU4LP]

Various - Chin 1

7 CHIN1 (1994) (excerpt): Insides: Walking in Straight Lines [GU4LP]

Cover scan:

Clear Skin

cd TU7 (Mar 1994): Clear Skin

Recorded at Blackwing Studios November 10 & 11 1993. Limited edition. Engineered by Paul Tipler. Sleeve by Chris Bigg.

Clear Skin

12ep GUP4ep (1994): Skinned Clean [R (*Clear Skin*) TU7], Further Distractions [GU4S], Clear Skin (Second Style) [R TU7]

33 rpm promo.

Various - Volume 10

cd NONVOL10 (1994) (excerpt): Insides: Tikky

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