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Black And White

7 AD10 (1980): Controversial Subject, Black And White

The The are Keith Laws, Matt Johnson, Tom Johnson and Triash. Produced by Bruce Gilbert (Wire) and Graham Lewis (Wire). Matt Johnson released an album under his own name on 4AD, CAD113, before leaving and signing to Some Bizzare. The run-out grooves read «Bilbo's last single!» «Bye, bye.».

Cover scan: TheThe.BurningBlueSoul.cd.jpg

Burning Blue Soul

cd blank HAD113CD, HADC113 (Jun 7 1993): CAD113

Originally released under the name «Matt Johnson» but was changed to «The The» at Johnson's request.

Various - Natures Mortes - Still Lives

lp CAD117 (1981) (excerpt): The The: Controversial Subject [AD10]

cd CAD117CD (1981): CAD117 (excerpt), The The: Black & White [AD10]

Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992) (excerpt): The The: Controversial Subject [AD10]

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