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HOUN: Village on Dartmoor, nearby Baskerville Hall (the ancestral home of the Baskerville family and also fictional). The Grimpen Mire, where Stapleton hid his hound, was nearby. Dr. Mortimer was the medical officer of the Grimpen parish (as well as the Thorsley and High Barrow parishes). Also, the Grimpen road connected Baskerville Hall and Merripit House (home of the Stapletons). Holmes first studies an Ordnance map of the Grimpen portion of Dartmoor, and notes the following:
"Here you have the particular district which concerns us. That is Baskerville Hall in the middle. With a wood around it? Exactly. I fancey the yew alley, though not marked under that name, must stretch alond this line, with the moor, as you preceive, upon the right of it. This small clump of buildings here is the hamlet of Grimpen, where our friend Dr. Mortimer has his headquarters. Within a five miles there are, as you see, only a very few scattered dwellings. Here is Lafter Hall, which was mentioned in the narrative. There is a house indicated here which may be the residence of the natrualist- Stapleton, if I remember right, was his name. Here are two moorland farmhouses, High Tor and Foulmire. Then fourteen miles away the great convict prison of Princetown. Between and around these scattered points extends the desolate, lifeless moor. This, then, is the stage upon which tragedy has been played, and upon which we may help to play it again."
Last Modified: Oct. 11, 1998