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World: Europe: France

A republic in western Europe. Pop. 38,961,945 [1901]. [JT]

French characters: Eduardo Lucas/Henri Fournaye (SECO), Mme. Henri Fournaye (SECO)

GREE: Holmes mentions that he has some French ancestry.

Holmes:"My ancestors were country squires, who appear to have led much the same life as is natural for their class. But, non the less, my turn that way is in my veins, and may have come with my grandmother, who was the sister of Vernet, the French artist. Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms."

EMPT: After visiting the Khalifa in Khartoum, Holmes returned to France, where he conducted research into coal-tar derivatives in a laboratory in Montpellier.

IDEN: Miss Mary Sutherland's stepfather often went to France on business.

FINA: Watson: "During the winter of that year and the early spring of 1891, I saw in the papers that he [Holmes] had been engaged by the French government upon a matter of supreme importance, and I received two notes from Holmes, dated from Narbonne and from Nimes, from which I gathered that his stay in France was likely to be a long one."
MAZA: Tavernier, the French modeller, made a wax effigy of Holmes.

REDH: The City and Suburban Bank had borrowed 30,000 napoleons from the Bank of France.

SCAN: A Frenchman or Russian could not have written the mysterious note Holmes recieved.

SECO: Holmes worried about arousing the suspicions of the French police.

ILLU: Baron Gruner had Le Brun, the French agent, beaten by Apaches in the Montmatre District when he was investigating the Baron's affairs. The Baron threatens a similar fate to Holmes.
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