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What is Sherlock Holmes International?

Sherlock Holmes in ENGLISH

(many thanks to Jenny Newbury, who maintains this English version)

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Websites for Sherlock
Major Sherlockian Resources, Useful Information, Specialized Sites, Quizzes, Web Rings

Multimedia Holmes
Art, Graphics, Photos, and Sounds, On the Computer, In TV and Cinema

Sherlock and the Written Word
The Canon Online, Canon Word Searches, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Books, Journals, Publishers, Essays and Articles, Pastiches and Fan Fiction
Sherlock's Fans
Societies and Clubs, Internet Mailing Lists, Festivals and Conferences, Individuals' Holmes Pages

Sherlockian Places to Visit
Museums, Libraries, Restaurants, Pubs, Inns, Hotels

Sherlockian Items for Sale
Auctions, Videos, Audio Recordings, Books, Computer Software, Games and Chess pieces, Figurines and Artwork, Clothing, Pipes, and Victorian Dress-Up, etc.

Museums, Libraries, Restaurants, Pubs, Inns, and Hotels


What is Sherlock Holmes International?

Sherlock Holmes International is the forum for the viewpoints of Sherlock Holmes's fans wordwide.

I don't want to keep this wonderful url adress to myself: www.sherlock-holmes.org.  I would like for it to be valuable to all "Holmesians," whatever their language. It's why you can write me (billy@sherlock.fr.eu.org) (only in French or in English, please) in order to add a Holmesian site which is not listed on this page. (Don't forget to mention which international page the new address is for!). Also, you can write to Jenny Newbury, who maintains this English version.

If a language is not a part of Sherlock Holmes International, you can also ask me to create a new Welcome Page in this language, but please help with the translation!  ;-)

Also, you can visit my web site about Sherlock Holmes "Les Dix Sept Marches". It is in French, but some pages are also translated into other languages.

Sébastien Canevet

Sherlock Holmes International is neither a commerical site nor an association. It's an independent website based on the principle of free-willed, international aid to the glory of the tenants of 221B Baker Street.