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World: Europe: Britain: London: Langham Hotel

The first of London's grand hotels, the Langham was built in 1864 at a cost of 300,000 pounds. It was so prestigious that anyone staying there was automatically considered a gentleman of high standing. Regular guests included Toscanini, Arnold Bennet, Frank Harris, Mark Twain, and Napoleon III. [Kob]

From The Langham Hotel Guide to London:
The site is regarded as the heathiest in London, the death-rate in the district, as officially reported, averaging only seventeen in a thousand. Occupying a commanding position at the southern extremeity of Portland Place, on ground once occupied by the mansion and gardens of the Earl of Mansfield, the Hotel overlooks one of the noblest thoroughafres in the Metropolis, and commands a view of the Broad Walk of Regetn's Park, and on a clear day, of the distant heights of Hampstead and Highgate. It is in the fashionable part of the West End, also in the immediate vicinity of Regent Street, Oxford Street, New Bond Street, and within easy distance of Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament, and the principal placese of amusement-- a position unsurpassed in the whole Metropolois for salubrity, facility of access, and general convenience. The building stands alone, and is thus free from the rists of fire from contiguous premeises, and it is, every inch of it, devoted exclusively to the purposes of an hotel. It is, moreover, as nearly fireproof as such a structure can be made. Four main pipes run from the top to the bottom of the house, with openings for hose on every story, connected with tanks containgin nealry 50,000 gallons of water, supplied from magnificent Artesian Well 365 feet deep by two engines of fourteen horse power each. Four trained firemen are permanently employed, and a large number of the staff are periodically exercised in fire duties, while eery portion of the building is fitted with electric fire-alarms, which would not only give waringing of a fire, but actually denoted the exact postition of the outbreak. The geological strata are principally flint and chalk, which ensures an abundant supply of the purest water to be found in all London. Independently of this, a connection has been established with the West Middlesex Waterworks' main reservior at Hampstead, affording an increased supply and additional security in case of fire.
SCAN: King of Bohemia: "You will find me at the Langham under the name of the Count Von Kramm."
Last Modified: Sept. 21, 1997