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World: Europe: Britain: London: Oxford Street

A principal street in London, running from Holborn into the West End. The eastern end of the street contains many important shops as well as immense traffic and urban activity. The western end contains many aristocratic residences. [JT]

FINA: Holmes had business to transact on Oxford Street.

EMPT: The Adair house (#427) was at the Oxford Street end of Park Lane.

BLUE: While tracking the journey of the goose, Holmes and Watson take Oxford Street on their way to the Alpha Inn.

REDH: To meet up with Holmes, Watson started from his home in Kensington, and made his way across the Park, and so through Oxford Street to Baker Street.

GREE: Mr. Melas and "Mr. Latimer" travelled in the cab through Charing Cross and up Shaftesbury Avenue, and out onto Oxford Street.

Mr. Melas:"I had ventured some remark as to this being a roundabout way to Kensington, when my words were arrested by the extraordinary conduct of my companion."

HOUN: To see if Sir Henry Baskerville and Dr. Mortimer were being followed, Holmes and Watson followed them after they left 221b. "We followed into Oxford Street and so down Regent Street."

CHAS: On their way to burgle Appledore Towers in Hampstead, Holmes and Watson pick up a cab in Oxford Street.

The shop with photographs of celebrities and beauties of the day was along Oxford Streeet, near Regent Circus.
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