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World: Africa & North America: The Atlantic Ocean

It's very wet.

STUD: In Holmes's article, "The Book of Life," he wrote, "From a drop of water a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara whithout having seen or heard of one or the other."

GLOR: The brains of the captain of the Gloria Scott were "smeared over the chart of the Atlantic."

FIVE: The Bark Lone Star was believed to have been lost in the Atlantic.

Watson:"We waited long for news of the Lone Star of Savannah, but none ever reached us. We did at last hear that somewhere far out in the Atlantic a shattered stern-post of the boat was seen swinging in the trough of a wave, with the letters 'L.S' carved upon it, and that is all which we shall ever know of the fate of the Lone Star."

STUD: There were rumours that there was a fair-haired girl who had pined away for John Ferrier on the shores of the Atlantic.

Atlantic Ocean
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Surf bathing (American beach?)

Notes: CREATED/PUBLISHED between 1890 and 1910, Detroit Publishing Co. no. 062060.
Last Modified: Feb. 16, 1998