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World: Europe: Britain: England: Cornwall

Peninsula and county of England in the far south-west, pop. 322,334 [1901]. Economy is primarily based on fishing and mining. [JT]

DEVI: Holmes and Watson take a vacation near Poldhu Bay, at the further extremity of the Cornish peninsula.

Watson:"On the land side our surroundings were as sombre as on the sea. It was a country of roling moors, lonely and dun-coloured, with an occasional church tower to mark the site of some old-world village. In every direction upon these morrs there were traces of some vanished race which had passed uttterly away, and left as its sole record strange monuments of stone, irregular mounds which contained the burned ashes of the dead, and curious earthworks which hinted at prehistoric strife. The glamour and mystery of the place, with its sinister atmosphere of forgotten nations, appealed to the imagination of my friend, and he spent much of his time in long walks and solitary meditations upon the moor."

REDH: To illustrate the cunning of John Clay, Holmes said Clay would "crack a crib in Scotland one week, and be raising money to build an orphanage in Cornwall the next. I've been on his track for years and have never set eyes on him yet."
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