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World: North America: Northeastern USA: New York

Largest city in the United States. (After London, the largest city in the world.) Pop. 3,437,202 [1900]. [JT]

VALL: Scowrers treasurer:"The old devil [Archie Swindon] left a note for us to say that he had rather be a free crossing sweeper in New York than a large mind owner under the power of a ring of blackmailers."

VALL: Large corporations, with their directors in New York or Philadelphia, cared nothing for the threats of the Scowrers.

STUD: The letters in Drebber's pockets were from the Guion Steamship Company, and referred to the sailing of their boats from Liverpool to New York.

STUD: Hope had heard of a German found in New York with RACHE written above his body. "I guessed that what puzzled the New Yorkers would puzzle the Londoners."
ABBE: The Randall gang of burglars were arrested in New York.

HOUN: After the HOUN case, Holmes was involved in two affairs of the utmost importance, in the first of which he had exposed the atrocious conduct of Colonel Upwood in connection wit hthe famous card scandal of the Nonpareil Club, while in the second he had defended the unfortunate Mme. Montpensier form the charge of murder which hung over her in connection with the death of her step-daughter, Mlle. Carere, the young lady who, as it will be remembered, was found six months later alive and married in New York.

REDC: Leverton had tracked Gorgiano over from New York, and was close to him for a week in London, "waiting from some excuse to get my hand on his collar."

REDC: After they were married at Bari, Emilia Lucca sold her jewels to gain the money to take her and her husband to New York.

DANC: Holmes cabled his friend, Wilson Hargreave, of the New York Police Bureau, who had more than once made use of Holmes's knowledge of London Crime.

New York City
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New York City, 1908; Geo. P. Hall and Son.
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