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*What books have 4AD published?
*What has been written about 4AD and v23?
*Are there any 4AD-esque magazines?
What books have 4AD published?
Apart from the This Rimy River and v23 catalogues, 4AD published one monograph of Tom Baril's work in September 1997. Tom Baril began working as Robert Mapplethorpe's printer, but also took photographs himself. As with This Rimy River, there's a super-limited-edition version for those with more money than sense. A print of the photograph below can be purchased for $2000. Very Robert Mapplethorpe, no?

[Freesia, 1996, 23
Freesia, 1996, 23" x 18" toned silver print
*press release

What has been written about 4AD and v23?
Here's a very good list of articles which was provided by Ralf Henneking:
4AD Releases to Date - The First Six Years
The Offence Newsletter #63 (Jan. 1986), p. 26.
The Legendary Ivo Watts-Russell and Other Tall 4AD Stories
The Offence Newsletter #70 (Dec. 1986), pp. 8-15.
4AD - Lonely is an Eyesore
Melody Maker (July 4, 1987), pp. 24-26
The 4AD Issue
Emigre #9 - The 4AD Issue, 1988
4AD - Complete History
Spiral Scratch #6 (June 1989), pp. 4-19.
4AD - The Complete Label Discography with Prices
Spiral Scratch #7 (July 1989), pp. 36-43.
Enigma Variations - The 4AD Story
Melody Maker (Jan. 20, 1990), pp. 8-9.
Fourth Dimension - 4AD Labelled with Love
Record Hunter #14 (Nov. 1991), p. 4.
The 4AD Story - Ivo Got a Lovely Bunch of Rococo Nuts
NME (Sep. 26, 1992), pp. 48-49, 57.
Label of Love [4AD Label Story]
IndieCator, Vol. 2, #4 (April 1993), pp.16-17.
4AD - Andrew Smith Chats with Vaughn Oliver and Ivo
Ray Gun #5 (April 1993), [pp. 63-67].
Unsung Heroes
B-Side, 06/07 1993, pp. 28-30.
The Independent Catalogue, Issue 6 (July 1993), p. 27.
Sleeve Notes
The Face #58 (July 1993), pp. 14-15.
4AD Daze
Melody Maker (July 24, 1993), pp. 27-30.
Ethereal Killers
Melody Maker (July 31, 1993), pp. 12-13.
4AD, Living in an Ethereal World
Lime Lizard (Aug. 1993), pp. 14-15.
Jeremy Myerson; Raw Power and Beguiling Subtlety
Affiche #9 (Apr. 1994), pp. 52-65.
Lonely is an Earsore
Alternative Press, Vol. 10, #93 (April 1996), p. 14.
Vaughan Oliver, portrait
by Yann Marquand in: Face^ŐB 11 (Jan. 1990), pp. 30-32. (French Language)
4AD - Juwelen, Glasbausteine und Zimmermonster
Spex, Musik zur Zeit #2 (Feb. 1987), pp. 26-29. (German Language)
4AD - Portrait eines englischen Independent-Labels
Fachblatt Musikmagazin #10 (Oct. 1987), pp. 14-17. (German Language)
by Kiki Borchard in: Zillo #4 (April 1995), pp. 50-51. (German Language)
Another selection of articles:

A special issue of emigre magazine (issue number nine) which is now very expensive and rare. There's a good bibliography at the end of the v23 Exhibition/Exposition catalogue of articles about Vaughan Oliver, v23 and 23 Envelope.

There is a small selection of articles on Shinro Ohtake, including a features article from eye mag 1993 for Tokyo Salamnder by Shinro Ohtake and Vaughan Oliver at the artbooks site.


*artbooks - ohtake bibliography

No 9]
Emigre No 9

Are there any 4AD-esque magazines?
Several, although none of them cover exclusively 4AD music. Brant Nelson, a 4AD-L subscriber, is responsible for co-editing Dewdrops, which is as near to a 4AD fanzine as one might get. The contact address is:

PO Box 5358
Chatsworth, CA
91313-5358 USA

Dewdrops also releases records, including a 4AD tribute compilation thurtene, several singles and a compilation splashed with many a speck. Please see their website for more information.

*dewdrops fanzine

Ray Gun - A professional-quality magazine with really odd, experimental (some say unreadable) layout. Covers a wide variety of "alternative" music. The November 93 "UK" issue #11 was amazing, with coverage of just about every English thislisty band you can think of. Also, in issue number 5 (April '93), they did a story on 4AD and v23. They story itself is about two pages' worth of text spread over five pages of art, and very informative. Their address is:

807 Navy St.
Santa Monica, CA

Subscription rate: about $25 a year (10 issues)

Immerse published about three issues before, apparently, folding. You might be able to find some copies or order one of the back issues:

  1. autechre, tomato v underworld, meat beat manifesto, staalplaat, download, jenny randles
  2. Alter Ego, Anger v Crowley, Olivier Assayas, Blast First, Disinformation, Alan Lamb, Thomas Ligotti, Mego, New Albion Records, T Power, v23, Witchman
  3. Biosphere, Bowery Electric, The Designers Republic, Dot Records, Japan Overseas, Philip J Klass, Locust, James W Moseley, Nonplace Urban Field, Christopher Priest, Scala
Send a cheque/IMO/Eurocheque/Postal Order, payable to Immerse, for the following amount per copy:
UK: £ 3.25 (inc. p&p)
Europe: £ 4.00 (inc. p&p)
Other: £ 4.50 (inc. p&p)
UK Address:

P.O. Box 16395
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)171 403 5338

On 26 Jul 1997 David Thorpe wrote: "I've now had two issues of a probably-hard-to-find magazine called "immerse" which has a variety of interesting and well written articles, photographs and lots of small book, film and music reviews. It's close to The Wire in design, but with bigger pictures and bylines and smaller amounts of text. And you won't find a serif font between the sheets."

John Roseborough also mentions that it can be ordered from Dave at Playing by Ear. His email address is

Immerse 001

Immerse 002

Immerse 003

Space Age Bachelor is a fanzine / magazine written almost exclusively by Donald Anderson. Published quarterly and distributed widely through Tower Records (amongst others), it contains articles, interviews and reviews in a fairly mixed-up style. An issue costs about $4 or £3. It's been going about three years. Here's what's in some issues:

  1. Stereolab, Pulp, Pavement, Tortoise
  2. Moonshake, Oval, Disco Inferno, Laika, David Toop, Tele:Funken
  1. Trans Am, Spring Heel Jack, Microstoria, Mouse on Mars, Alec Empire
Some dislike the egocentric nature of the magazine. Personally I think it's all the better for it, but you have been warned. For more information, ordering and back issues:

Space Age Bachelor Box 376
1917 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1M7

*Space Age Bachelor website

[Space Age Bachelor
Space Age Bachelor 7

[Space Age Bachelor
Space Age Bachelor 8

[Space Age
Bachelor 10]
Space Age Bachelor 10

Obviously, a whole range of other fanzines and magazines I have sketchy information on, such as The Wire, Alternative Press, Option, New Musical Express, blah blah blah.
*the wire

*new musical express

Warped Reality - A magazine of uncommon art and music which is not being published anymore, but back issues are still available. The first issue had interviews with Belly, His Name is Alive, God is My Co-Pilot and children's book illustrator Maira Kalman. Here's contents for each issue:

#4 - Neil Gaiman of Sandman, Laika, Pram, Lida Husik, Words & Pictures, flexi with exclusive His Name is Alive track, and a rare song by Prolapse, $3

#3 - Helium, Stereolab, Lisa Germano, Red Krayola, The Raincoats, Liz Phair, Soul Coughing, $3

#2 - Chris Bigg of v23, Kristin Hersh, The Breeders, Miranda Sex Garden, Big Hat, Opium Den, overview of Thirteen Year Itch, $3

#1 - His Name is Alive, Belly, God is My Co-Pilot, children's book illustrator Maira Kalman, tribute to British author Angela Carter, $2.50

You'll also have to pay some postage charge, so contact Susan Curran or Andreas Feldman for more details.

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