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*What films have 4AD artists contributed to?
*What films / videos should I absolutely see?
What films have 4AD artists contributed to?
Thanks to shane for finding much of this information.

Modern English
Melt With You contributed to Valley Girl (Director: Martha Coolidge, 1983).
Michael Brook
Kevin Spacey's Albino Alligator which was released 1996 in US and 1997 in UK. Brook has an album on 4AD of the soundtrack. Composed music for Paul Schrader's Affliction (1997). Contributed music to Michael Mann's Heat (1995). Original score to Captive (Director: Paul Mayersberg, 1986) with The Edge, Larry Mullen Jnr., Lesley Bishop, Sinead O'Connor. Original score to Fires Of Kuwait [IMAX] (Director: David Douglas, 1992). Also note that the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan collaborated with Michael Brook and produced some startling film music himself, such as on Tim Robbins' Dead Man Walking (1995) and Shekhar Kapur's Bandit Queen (1994).

Dead Can Dance
Contributed "Yulunga" and "The Host Of Seraphim" to Mark Magidson's mezmerizing film, Baraka. Daniel Klyn said on 8 Mar 1996: "Basically, if you've seen mark madgison's other films (koyanasqatsi, powwowasquatsi), baraka is in the same vein, although imho, baraka is the best, in terms of images, soundtrack, overall effect. montage of images and music. vaguely narrative. this one's roughly about the commonality of the religious experiences of various native peoples, and about their connection with nature vs. the corrosion of the western, civilized way of life. a better explaination is on the sleeve of the video, which you can read at your local video store."

Ben Segal mentioned that Lisa Gerrard co-starred in a Spanish film in 1989 called El Nino de la Luna (Moon Child), which was directed by Agustin Villaronga. Ben said: "Dead Can Dance contributed most of the soundtrack I believe. I saw it in Paris when it was released and of course it was in Spanish with French subtitles so I could only follow the visuals. It was good."

Their music also turns up on lots of TV programme soundtracks.

Red House Painters
Japanese to English is used in Hal Hartley's Amateur. This film also has music from Yo La Tengo, Bettie Seveert and PJ Harvey - it's recommended. Erika Napjus said: "Red House Painters All Mixed Up is featured twice in the movie Excess Baggage staring Alicia Silverstone. Mark stated that he was happy to receive the $40,000 check from the movie until they took it back after realizing that he didn't actually write the song. It's also in the movie because there's allegedly a relationship between Mark and Alicia, but..."

Cocteau Twins
Wrote a song called Need Fire especially for the film Judge Dredd. Also especially composed music for a Fruitopia commercial shown in the UK. I think you can hear various bits of Cocteau Twins in some of Wong-Kar Wei's films such as Chungking Express and Fallen Angels, although it may actually be Fay Wong singing. Liz Fraser sung Take me With You - a song composed by Alan Rickman - during the credits to a Winter's Guest, which was also directed by Mr Rickman and stars Emma Thompson (1997).

His Name is Alive
HNIA's Sitting Still Moving Still Staring Outlooking was in Jerry Maguire.

This Mortal Coil
Song to the Siren was used several times in David Lynch's Lost Highway (1996). Apparently Ivo Watts-Russell wouldn't let him put it on the soundtrack album because it's too precious for the masses.

Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses
Erikas Napjus said: "Featured during the ending credits of the movie Foxfire. Good movie, good soundtrack. I never realized how similar Kristin and Mazzy Star can sound until watching this movie."

A Matter of Degrees (which is an early version of Backroad) is on the film of the same name, directed by W.T. Morgan in 1990. This film also has Where Is My Mind? by the Pixies on it.

Soundtrack to Albert Souffre (Director: Bruno Nuytten, 1992). All of the tracks are previously unreleased music. Two songs on Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (Director: Joel Hirshman, 1992) one of which was La La Love You. One song on A Matter of Degrees (W.T. Morgan, 1990). Dig for Fire was used on the film Singles (Director: Cameron Crowe, 1992). The film Grosse Point Blank (Director: George Armitage, 1997) includes Monkey Gone To Heaven on the soundtrack.
Wolfgang Press
Mama Told Me Not to Come is used on Malice (Director: Harold Becker, 1993). Christianity is on Doom Generation (Director: Gregg Araki, 1995). There are also a number of their songs on another Gregg Araki film, Totally F***ed Up (1993).
Colin Newman
Matthew Thomson writes: "Erstwhile WIRE member and sometime solo artist on 4AD, Colin Newman, believe it or not, contributed music to The Silence of the Lambs. I think two tracks from the Beggar's Banquet album "A-Z" were played by the villain (whose name escapes me for the moment) in his dank little cellar. Interestingly, one of these tracks "Alone" was covered by This Mortal Coil."
Ivo Watts-Russell compiled the soundtrack to the Quinton Peeples' film Joyride (1997), contributing tracks from 4AD artists. That film went straight to video, and yes it was apparently that bad. Gregg Araki's last two films, The Doom Generation and Nowhere are chock-full of 4AD and thislisty bands.

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What films / videos should I absolutely see?
If you want to be a rank and file member of our club, you'll have to see alot of films that we like, OK? Here's a partial list of directors, films and soundtracks:

Hal Hartley
A masterful director of films in the absurdist style. The best ones are Simple Men, The Unbelievable Truth, Amateur, Flirt [and Flirt and Flirt]. The recent Henry Fool was lovable but strange. However, I love Mr Hartley.

Wong Kar-Wai
Great visuals, interesting characters but fairly random plotlines. Best known to us because Faye Wong stars in Chungking Express. The other good films are Days of Being Wild, and Fallen Angel. The more recent Happy Together isn't my favourite.

Atom Egoyan
The canadian director who has a flare for both imagery and detail. Exotica has one of the best soundtracks for a long time, composed and performed by Mychael Danna. The Sweet Hereafter also has a Danna soundtrack, a film about guilt and slowly unravelling secrets. Family Viewing, an early film, doesn't work so well but is definately "interesting".

The Brothers Quay
If you've never heard of these gentlemen you're missing out. They produce fantastic animations and cite Jan Svankmajer as their greatest influence. You can see some of their shorts on the Collected Brothers Quay Vol. 1, on Connoisseur Video in the UK [10A Stephen Mews, London W1P 0AX, Tel 0171 957 8957]. They produced a major feature film called Institute Benjemanta which equally surrealist as their animations but absoluately beautiful looking. [available in the UK on video from the Institute of Contempory Arts]. They also created the video for Are We Still Married by His Name is Alive.

David Lynch
Wanted to have The Cocteau Twins in Blue Velvet and use Song to the Siren on the soundtrack. He was prevented from having either due to legal problems, but managed to get the Tim Buckley song as performed by Liz Fraser on Lost Highway instead. This time, he wasn't allowed to include the song on the soundtrack because Ivo Watts-Russell wouldn't allow it.

David Cronenberg
I can't think of a direct connection between 4AD and Cronenberg but there should be one. He's the director that you should, under no circumstances, trade brains with; Crash may be boring but any obsession is simultaneously engulfing and mundane isn't it? His themes of sex, death and obsession were used to equally dramatic effect on Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers and Scanners.

4AD / 23 Envelope / v23
Lonely as an Eyesore [especially for Throwing Muses Fish], 13 Year Itch video compilation, All Virgos are Mad video compilation. UK Snub TV logo. Ident for a pop music channel. Microsoft commercials. Reebok commercials. Details!

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