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Whatever happened to that band? This section includes details of bands and artists which have been on 4AD formally. You might also look in the archives section for late-breaking information. Most are included, but anything about the following has been lost in obscurity (let me know if you know anything...):

Dance Chapter
The Fast Set
The Past Seven Days
Psychotic Tanks
Red Atkins
Spasmodic Caress
*Air Miami
*Ash / Campling
*Heidi Berry
*Bettie Serveert
*The Birthday Party
*Cocteau Twins
*Dead Can Dance
*Dif Juz
*Frazier Chorus
*Lisa Germano
*Gilbert / Lewis
*The Glee Club
*The Happy Family
*In Camera
*J / Halkett
*Matt Johnson
*Lydia Lunch
*Modern English
*My Captains
*Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares
*Colin Newman
*Pieter Nooten
*Pale Saints
*Red House Painters
*Rema Rema
*Sort Sol
*Spirea X
*This Mortal Coil
*Throwing Muses
*Ultra Vivid Scene
*Underground Lovers
*The Wolfgang Press
*Xmal Deutschland
Air Miami
See Unrest.

Ash / Campling
Left for Beggars Banquet as Tones On Tail.

Left 4AD for Beggars Banquet and greater fame. Most members have done solo stuff (Peter Murphy), plus formed other bands (Love and Rockets). A "best-of" album called Crackle was released by Beggar's Banquet in the US, and they reformed in July 1998 to play a series of concerts, starting on July 10th in LA. A live album and video will follow. More details here. Regarding their longer term future, they don't have solid plans to record again although they did set down in the studio to do some recordings during the tour (as reported by Rolling Stone). Both Peter Murphy and Love and Rockets have had albums out recently.

 *bauhaus archive

Had a very successful album "Star" on 4AD, shortly after which they became media darhlings. Fred Abong left Belly fairly early on, and Leslie Langston was brought in to do some more recording sessions for Star and/or its b-sides. Gail Greenwood joined the band sometime around then, but she didn't actually record anything with them until King. This second album "King" was not so successful, and they broke up.

Gail Greenwood (most recent of three bassists, and the one with the most tenure) is now a full-fledged member of L7, who have a new album out, which is being completely ignored by everyone.

Tanya went on to have a solo career and released a new LP in September 1997 - "Lovesongs for Underdogs" on 4AD, which was reasonably successful. As of January 1999, she is still signed to 4AD and Reprise and will have a new album out sometime towards the end of 1999.

 *belly archive

Heidi Berry
She had three albums on 4AD: Love, Heidi Berry and Miracle. Unfortunately none of these created much "buzz" although you'd never understand why this would be if you listened to them. We're not really sure when, how and if Heidi Berry left 4AD; presumably sales of her albums weren't particularly good. Her new project is called Lost Girls and according to Tim Hall, "is essentially Heidi + Patrick Fitzgerald (ex-of Kitchens of Distinction & Fruit). It's coming out in January [1999] on a new label Bad Parents Records. Distribution is going to be by Cargo...Tracks are: Needle's Eye/A Reason To Live/Seen Before."

Unfortunately, Cargo went belly up soon after this announcement but Darla Records seem to list it in their mail order section, so it is available.

 *heidi berry archive

Bettie Serveert
Decided that 4AD wasn't for them and released an album Lamprey on Matador.

 *bettie serveert archive

The Birthday Party
Nick Cave goes solo, and recently had a very successful album "The Boatman's Call" with the Bad Seeds. One of the best albums of 1997, indeed. Mute released a Best of Nick Cave LP in May 1998. Mick Harvey also has an album out recently, and has worked with PJ Harvey on her new album Is this Desire?. Other members have joined other groups. The Birthday Party will have an album of live recording(s) released by 4AD in April 1999, possibly only through mail order.

Cocteau Twins
Left 4AD for Fontana and Capitol, who released Four Calandar Cafe and Milk and Kisses plus numerous singles. Left Fontana sometime in 1997 and were recording on their own label, Bella Union and using their own studio, "September Sound". However, the record was never finished and the band broke up in February 1998 with this announcement. Simon Raymonde's first solo album was actually released before the split on Bella Union and called Blame Someone Else.

Report from November 1997 AP magazine said that "Liz has moved to Bristol and is working with Massive Attack. Robin is producing Guy Chadwick from House of Love fame and Simon is overseeing posthumous release from Billy Mackenzie of Associates". Indeed, Liz Fraser has been guest vocal on a number of songs since. She has sung songs on recent LP's by Craig Armstrong and Massive Attack, and a song on the closing credits to the film Winter's Guest. Tracks from her first solo LP have been heard, and it's probable that it will be publically available sometime in 1999. Robin and Simon are concentrating on producing albums and on their record label.

Ivo-Watts Russell is currently editing a "best-of" compilation for release sometime in 1999. According to Simon Raymonde, "latest from 4AD is that the compilation will take the form of a 20-or-so track cd, plus a limited edition with a bonus cd of other unreleased stuff, like live tracks, like some TV performances, radio stuff etc. There will most likely be a single release of Carolyn's Fingers."

 *cocteau twins archive

*the retrospective compilation

No one's quite sure. Nothing's been heard from them since the World Cup Theme and of course the "M/A/R/R/S" collaboration with A R Kane, called Pump up the Volume. Things got pretty legally nasty for them with this record and may have left a bitter taste in their mouths.

 *colourbox archive

Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance were supposed to record and release and album sometime in 1999 after they had done a short tour, but after the tour was organized it was mysteriously cancelled amid rumours that Dead Can Dance were no more and Lisa Gerrard preferred to do soundtrack music for a Michael Mann film (an excuse which had been used to cancel a previous tour that she was supposed to do). The official announcement came a little later on 9th December 1999 and stated that they "decided to bring to an end their musical collabaration as Dead Can Dance in order to concentrate on their respective solo works."

It's hardly suprising that this split occurred; the last album Spiritchaser was created through the postal service without Lisa and Brendan having much contact (it showed) and in the past few years, amongst the cancelled tours, they have started to forge their own careers. Lisa Gerrard has had two mildly successful albums, The Mirror Pool and Duality (the latter with a different percussionist, Pieter Bourke) whilst Brendan Parry has supposedly been working on a solo album for a number of years now.

As for the material which was supposed to emerge on the scheduled Dead Can Dance album, that is most likely to end up on the Brendan Parry album which should be released sometime in 1999. Given that his solo work so far (on the fantastic Toward The Within Video/CD) has been very folky, expect it to be chock full of acoustic guitars and songs about lost acquaintances. According to 4AD, Brendan is somewhat a perfectionist, so expect to hear something more towards the end of 1999.

 *dead can dance quit

*dead can dance archive

Dif Juz
The members are scattered among the UK and USA. Richard Thomas had a stint with J&MC then Moose, and then Butterfly Child before they were dropped by the now-defunct record label Dedicated. More recently, he's had a number of releases on the leaf label, but which don't sound like Dif Juz.

Dif Juz's non-4AD output was limited to a mini-album Who Says So and a chaotic tape of demos Time Clock Turn Back from the Pleasantly Surprised series. An album of unreleased stuff was planned by Independent Project Records, but it never came to pass.

Dif Juz's hard-to-find EP's are going to be re-released in the US as an album called Soundpool in March 1999, and will include the extra track No Motion which comes from the Lonely as an Eyesore compilation. More information here.

 *dif juz archive

*butterfly child archive

Frazier Chorus
Moved to Virgin, then faded away for a while. They released a new album Wide Awake sometime around summer 1995 (possibly on Virgin) in Europe and mid-1997 on Pure Records in the US along with the single for Driving.

On Sept 22 1997, Erikas Napjas said: "Both the single and the album are utterly terrible. While there was some character to Frazier Chorus before, now it's pure elevator music." Alternatively, Matthew Thomson said on October 1998 that "Wide awake isn't that bad for God's sake. Tim Freeman's laid back, jazzy style might not be to everyone's taste, but as mellow late-evening mood-setting stuff it's really jolly good."

 *frazier chorus archive

Lisa Germano
Her most recent album release was treated somewhat strangely by 4AD; it was released with little promotion in the US around July 1998 before it was released with equally little promotion in the UK some months later. The official line from 4AD was that everything was OK but this was obviously not the case. Stian Sandberg said in January 1999 that:

" I wrote to Lisa's management a couple of weeks ago and got a reply, (from Lisa herself, praise the Lord) that wasn't very uplifting. She said she was done in the business, and no longer on 4AD. "

Possibly bad experiences with the Smashing Pumpkins, and a rather bad tour with the Eels (see archives), probably contributed to her decision to quit the music business completely. She is an archeologist by trade.

 *lisa germano archive

Gilbert / Lewis
Wire, Wir plus various other projects. Now recording for Mute records. Bruce Gilbert has done remixes for Bowery Electric and Scala for instance.

The Glee Club
Released an album on 4AD in the US only; in the UK the same album was released on Sentana. Apparently the US release was a favour, so they were never actually signed and/or dropped by 4AD. According to Jack Huynh, in October 1998, "I bumped into hugh at a show not too distant ago and he told me that he was working with a women from around here. apparently, they had finish an album and was sort of shopping for a deal. i belive he also mention that johanne had a kid and was being a good mother these days..."

The Happy Family
After one album and single, Nick Currie went on to form Momus.

In Camera
Keyboardist Mark Cox joins The Wolfgang Press. A retrospective containing all their stuff was co-released by 4AD and TeenBeat. [note in the last two, I may be thinking of Andrew Gray instead of Mark Cox]

Left 4AD after Ivo released Clearskin without getting their permission to. Andrew Norman wrote on 1 Jul 97: "Insides are now on Third Stone, home of the late Bark Psychosis and (on the offshoot Space Age label) Sonic Boom in his many guises. They have a track on the recent A Taste of Third Stone Records vol 2 sampler, and while I was never a big Insides fan (apart from "Clear Skin") it sounds pretty good to me". Kirstie Yates may be involved in another project called "outcast".

 *insides archive

J / Halkett
Part of the Bauhaus splinters, David J follows Daniel Ash into Love And Rockets after this, as well as releasing solo albums.

Matt Johnson
Forms The The who have a bunch of albums. Burning Blue Soul has been re-released by 4AD twice - the first as a "HAD" release, the second time on CD with a "The The-esque" cover whilst The The were doing rather well for themselves. Burning Blue Soul will be re-released again in the US on February 23th 1999 - "Another in the gradual US reissue series of product to be rescued from Warner deletions".
Lush had a troubled time after the release of their Lovelife album in March 1996, which should have been a smash hit but actually had disappointing sales despite the best efforts of 4AD's promotion department. Their US tour wasn't successful, Chris Acland - the drummer - suffered from depression and committed suicide in October 1996, which left Lush's future in doubt. Initially they were going to carry on, but finally called it a day in November 1997. The official announcement came in February 1998. Guitarist and singer Emma Anderson has formed her own band Sing-Sing, and released their first EP, Feels Like Summer on Bella Union early October 1998. There was also one side of a Fierce Panda seven inch which Andrew Norman said was "only for die-hard Lush fans".

Lush lead singer Miki Berenyi is also working on solo material. Phil King joined the Jesus And Mary Chain as bassist on their last tour.

 *lush archive

Lydia Lunch
Several albums on another label.

Various members became The Wolfgang Press with Mark Cox from In Camera.

Modern English
Left 4AD, recorded Stop Start, from which the minor hit Ink and Paper comes, then resurfaced a few years later with the TVT album Pillow Lips featuring a new version of their biggest hit I Melt With You. They toured and then dove back into obscurity. There are various reports of small tours in the States - however, the singer is the only original member of the band.

 *modern english archive

My Captains
An unconfirmed rumor has one member selling off a box of mint copies of their single in a recent Melody Maker ad.

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares
Were never really "on" 4AD, since the two volumes where licensed from another record label in France. About the individual women from the 4AD recordings, who knows; but the current choir now officially tours under the same name and have released a multitude of further albums.

Colin Newman
Wire, Wir, three solo albums. Continues to remain active. Recently released an album called Bastard. Has his own record label.

 *colin newman archive

Pieter Nooten
Was working with singer Toni Halliday (ex-Curve) on a new band called Bud, but that project was cancelled and Halliday is back with Curve now.

Pale Saints
Disbanded sometime after their Slow Buildings LP was released and not a commercial success, circa December 1996. Ian Masters had already gone onto Spoonfed Hybrid and projects with Warren Defever before this album. Ian Masters is now working on his Friendly Science Enregisterments label - see - as well as being a graphic designer for IPC magazines.

Other members of Pale Saints went onto other bands after they split. Colleen Browne said in April 1998: "I can tell you that Graeme Naysmith and Chris Cooper are still in Leeds and are currently in a band called Lorimer with their friend Phil Pettler, who was once in Leeds-based band The Edsel Auctioneer. I had stints in London-based bands Rialto (eastwest) and Warm Jets (Island) and am currently in an unsigned band called White Hotel with drummer Jean-Marc Butty, who played with PJ Harvey for 3 years during the To Bring You My Love period and singer/songwriter/guitarist Ken Low who has played on some Barry Adamson (once of The Bad Seeds) albums."

 *pale saints archive

Called it quits in April 1993. Black Francis went solo as "Frank Black", released two albums on 4AD, the last of which was called Teenager of the Year, left 4AD for American Recordings, released an album called The Cult of Ray and subsequently either dropped by/left them when they heard his follow-up and said it was too uncommercial. He's called this Frank Black and the Catholics and the release was delayed after being embroiled in legal fuzz with American. There's a good interview with Charles regarding his recent problems here. Finally, the album was released in Europe on Play It Again Sam, and was released in the US through spinART on September 8, 1998. Frank Black is touring Europe between September 18 - October 17.

Kim Deal left for The Breeders, and then formed a garage band called "The Amps" and released an album on 4AD called Pacer. Is subsequently recording under "The Breeders" again. The Breeders line-up is substantially different now - No Tanya, Jim, Kelly or Josephine. The new Breeders line-up has spent much time in the studio and an album is due sometime during 1999.

Joey Santiago has his own band called Martini's now - a locally-based LA band who have recently released an album. Michael Scholtz sain in November 1998: "The band features ex-pixie joey santiago on guitar, joining Linda Mallari (vocals, gtr, piano, co-wrote the songs with mr. s), Rachel Haden (b, b. vox), and Dawn Richardson (d). Sorry to report that three listens haven't revealed anything particularly thrilling in the cd's contents. Female-led american alternarock, nothing too distinctive in the writing or arrangement that i can detect."

David Lovering drummed for the band "Cracker" whist touring for a while, but has since been replaced by Johnny Hott (ex-House of Freaks).

A Pixies retrospective album called Death to the Pixies came out October 1997 in a variety of formats, some of them including a live recording, followed by a mid-price album of BBC sessions on July 6th 1998 - see here for more information. This will probably be the last Pixies release, ever.

 *pixies archive

Red House Painters
Dropped by 4AD shortly before releasing their new album Songs for a Blue Guitar. The album was released through Supreme Recordings, an offshoot of Island. Rumour was that Ivo didn't like all the guitar solos, but it's more likely they got dropped due to pressure from Warners, who 4AD had a distribution deal with at the time - lots of other artists on 4AD got dropped around then as well.

Mark Kozelek has recently been getting a John Denver tribute album together, and Red House Painters will be contributing a song to that. More details here. They also have an unreleased song called Midnight in the Bay on a tribute album for Harvey Milk which was released April 22 1998 to raise money for the Harvey Milk Institute in San Francisco: a limited edition of 1000. This song was from the Songs for a Blue Guitar sessions.

The new Red House Painters album will be called Old Ramon on Supreme Recordings, an off-shoot of Island. Unfortunately, Island Records has been sucked into the Universal conglomerate recently and although Mark Kozelek was kept on the roster, the release date is somewhat elastic. The first part was due for release in January 1999 and the second part was to follow shortly afterwards. Who knows when it will be released now.

4AD will also have a RHP retrospective out sometime in the second quarter of 1999.

 *red house painters archive

Rema Rema
Various members went on to form Mass, then The Wolfgang Press.

Had one EP and worked on the "This Mortal Coil project". After this, had at least one album on some other label. Apparently pretty dire dance-pop.

 *richenel archive

Scheer had a number of singles and one album called Infliction on 4AD, but the relationship was a somewhat uneasy one due to the fact that Scheer were an unabashed heavy metal group - not exactly a typical 4AD genre. Whilst their second LP was in production (and a preview track for this on the Anakin compilation of 1998 releases), they grew somewhat distant to 4AD and set up their own website, record label, etc.

Scheer's feelings were made known to 4AD around January 1998 and their departure was finalized in August. They then started their own record label called Schism Records (see and were supposed to "have lots of material for the new album". However, I've heard that Scheer split up sometime during January 1999 and their website hasn't been updated for a long long time.

 *scheer archive

*scheer's departure announcement

Sort Sol
A self-released LP called Dagger and Guitar and a track called As She Weeps which was included on Lydia Lunch's Hysterie compilation.

Spirea X
The singer, Jim Beattie, resurfaced mid-1997 with "Adventures in Stereo", which has just recently become very successful, caught on the wave of Glasgow interest amongst their peers Mogwai, Arab Strap, Belle and Sebastian, etc.

 *spirea-x archive

Left 4AD for Rough Trade. A new EP Hush came out in August 94. Mike from Swallow has a new project called "Busy Going Crazy". A review of their album compared it to "chemical brothers, MBV, and third eye foundation". Robert MacLeod said on 27 Jun 97: "There were a couple of 12''s on a home-grownish label called 'White Lines' by the Swallow guy, Mason, circa 1994-1995. The band is called 'Busy Going Crazy' i forget the titles, one was 'some-thing summer suns' maybe. Sorta unremarkable take on jungle, a little to contrived for me. The Swallow singer was on one or two tracks which stood out slightly".

 *swallow archive

It's been stated that Tarnation were dropped by 4AD early 1998 due to financial pressures deriving from the split with Warners. Since then, not much had happened except that, according to Paula Fraser, "We have a show on Valentines day [1999] in San Francisco. We don't have a label yet so, I don't know when or if we will record another record. The band line up has completely changed again. The people I have played with in the past came and went for different reasons. Some couldn't tour because of their jobs or families. Some went on to start their own band or concentrate on their other bands. I have gone under the name Tarnation even though I have played with 5 different guitar players, 6 different bass players and 3 different drummers over the years. So, I decided that this would be a good time to just start going under my own name being in between record labels and all."

Paula Frazer has since worked with a group called The Czars at the September Sound studios, so expect an album from them on Bella Union records sometime soon.

 *tarnation archive

This Mortal Coil
The project was dissolved after the release of Blood. Ivo has recently been recording another TMC-like project under the name "The Hope Blister", still doing covers but using only one singer. The album "'s o.k." was released on 25th May 1998: more details here.

 *this-mortal-coil archive

Throwing Muses
Jeremy Orr says: "Leslie Langston left the band after their third LP, Hunkpapa. She was replaced by Fred Abong for The Real Ramona, but he left with Tanya Donelly to play in her Belly (bad pun) after that tour. Leslie, who is apparently still friends with everyone, came back to play bass on Red Heaven, but she never did play live with them again, so former roadie Bernard Georges was brought in for the RH tour, and thus the band remained a three-piece through the rest of their existence until their end in 1997". Leslie also resurfaced momentarily on The Wolfgang Press's Queer.

Tanya Donnely left after The Real Ramona. The reason she left (according to either the Melody Maker or NME) is that she and Kristin "loved each other too much". Presumably that meant difference of opinion. Tanya went on to form Belly (see above) and took the bass player, Fred Abong, with her.

Kristin went on with Throwing Muses with new bass player and released new albums Red Heaven (which she thinks was one of the best, but her fans disagree) University (much improved) and finally Limbo (ditto). But everyone agreed that they never again reached the lofty heights they used to, and Throwing Muses broke up for financial reasons mid-1997.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kristin released an absolutely startling solo record called Hips and Makers in 1994 and released her second Strange Angels on 2nd February 1998. A Throwing Muses retrospective called In a Doghouse was released in September 1998 through Rykodisc and 4AD. It's the first time that the first self-titled LP has been available domestically in the US, and includes the elusive Chains Changed EP and demos from before their days at 4AD, plus a video for Fish which you can view on your friendly PC or Macintosh computer. Check the archives for more information.

Kristin Hersh's third solo LP, Murder, Misery and then Goodnight consists of Appalachian folk songs and was released through mail order in November 1998. Jeremy Orr says "Sounds like a career-killer to me" but I wonder if Kristin had anything but a hobby in the first place. In addition, she's just finished recording another album called sky hotel. It's not likely that we'll hear this anytime soon however as lots of licensing arrangements have to be made first (her deal with Rykodisc recently came to a close). More details when they are hot off the press! She is also planning on putting together a band to record, possibly called "low eye." It will include Bernard Georges, Trina Shoemaker, and Martin McCarrick. David Narcizo was performing on Tanya Donelly's Lovesongs for Underdogs tour, and is now working on a project called Lakuna (meaning: "a space where something has been omitted or has come out; missing part; gap; hiatus...any of the very small cavities in bone that are filled with bone cells") which will be mostly a studio thing with electronics and loops and so forth. He's just send the tapes off to 4AD and so Something will probably be released sometime in 1999 on 4AD, although nothing else is known yet.

 *throwing muses archive

*lakuna archive

Ultra Vivid Scene
Was booted off 4AD for spending too much money on session musicians and after the sales of "Rev" and the supporting tour weren't outstanding. At least, that's the rumour. It may not be the entire truth, but it's a damn shame whatever happened.

In March of 1998 a small item appeared in Alternative Press: "Kurt Ralske, whose Ultra Vivid Scene records in the late '80s and early '90s fused 4AD-style swirl-pop with a deeply hypnotic groove, has taken a leap into the deep waters of electronica. And as far as Ralske is concerned, he'll be happy to remain floating there forever. 'I'm not really so interested in pop music these days,' he said". Indeed, his new project is called Cathars. The Alternative Press wabsite says that he will be releasing music on the Miau Miau Record Label: more information from

It possible he's more interested in producing than recording now; He's been mentioned as producing a number of albums the last couple of years, for people like Mistle Thrush and Richard Davies. There's a full list of engineering and production credits in the archive.

 *ultra vivid scene archive

Underground Lovers
Released one album "Leaves me Blind" on Guernica; their next album "Dream It Down" was released in 1994 on PolyGram. In 1995 the Underground Lovers opted to leave their major label Polydor in Australia. Shortly after female vocalist/keyboardist Philippa Nihill left the band. Underground Lovers continued as a four piece and started up own label Mainstream Recordings. Album "Rushall Station" was released in 1996, plus "Dead Sad" ep by Philippa Nihill. In 1997, Underground Lovers next album "Ways t'burn" was recorded and released. In the same year vocalist Vincent Giarrusso and guitarist Glenn Bennie released "Whitey Trickster" album under the name GBVG. In late1998 GBVG released a cover version of Can's "I want more". By the end of1998 Glenn and Vincent remain as the only original members in the Underground Lovers. "Cold Feeling" single was released December 1998 and "Cold Feeling" album set for release in early 1999.

Called it quits after Perfect Teeth and reformed (minus drummer Phil) as Air Miami. Mark Robinson formed Olympic Death Squad (see archives directory for more information. Mark runs his record label, Teen Beat, and has a new band called "Flin Flon". Phil Krauth, Unrest's drummer has just released his third solo album One Two Three.... Teenbeat have a sampler highlighting their releases for 1998 - see their website for more information.

Air Miami's World Cup Fever was posthumously released as a 7'' single on Teenbeat records on June 15th to co-incide with [you've guessed it] the soccer world cup. Flin Flon's debut album came out in September 1998, but apparently doesn't sound like either Air Miami or Unrest.

 *unrest / air miami archive

The Wolfgang Press
Mysteriously dropped by 4AD sometime after releasing Funky Little Demons. An unsubstantiated rumour has it that they spent a fortune in a record shop and charged it to 4AD, who were mightly upset when they found out. The official reason might be less interesting. Colleen Browne from Pale Saints said they were dropped "because the American side of things (WEA) thought they weren't selling enough albums. Shame, as they were the longest-running signing to 4AD. They had also just released that song which Tom Jones ended up covering". She means A Girl Like You.

More rumours have it that they might be signed to Trent Reznor's [Nine Inch Nails] record label, Nothing records. That rumour is now looking more unsubstantiated these days. It's probable that the Wolfgang Press no longer exist.

 *wolfgang press archive

Xmal Deutschland
Had two non-4AD albums then disappeared. One member turned up in The Rossburger Report, a group Ivo was going to sign, then backed out on.

 *xmal deutschland archive

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