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*   4AD Records  
4AD Records website
4AD-L FAQ in the US
Eyesore in US
Eyesore in South Africa
The Other Site
The Perfect Antidote
4AD-L FAQ in the UK
Eyesore in Europe
Eyesore in Australia
4AD-L Archives
Japanese Releases
*   Asphodel  
Asphodel website
*   Astralwerks  
Astralwerks website
*   Beggars Banquet  
Beggars Banquet website
*   Bella Union  
Bella Union website
*   Caroline  
Caroline records website
*   Che Records  
Che Records
*   Chemikal Undeground Records  
Chemikal Underground website
*   Darla  
Darla website
*   Dewdrops  
Dewdrops Records
*   ECM  
ECM website
*   Grand Royal  
Grand Royal website
*   Hyperium and Hypnobeat  
Hyperium website
*   Kitty Kitty  
Kitty Kitty website
*   Kranky  
Kranky website Godspeed you Black Emperor!
*   Leaf Recordings  
Leaf website [under construction]
*   Les Disques du Crepuscule  
Les Disques du Crepuscule
*   Matador  
Matador website
*   Mute  
Mute website
*   New Albion  
New Albion website
*   Output  
Fridge website
*   Play It Again Sam  
Play It Again Sam website
*   Projekt Records  
Projekt Records
*   Rykodisc  
Rykodisc website
*   Teenbeat  
Teenbeat website
*   Thrill Jockey  
Brainwashed: Thrill Jockey
*   Too Pure  
Too Pure website
*   Touch  
Touch website
*   Vernon Yard  
Vernon Yard website
*   Vital  
Vital distribution website
*   Warp  
Warp website
*   World Serpent Distribution  
World Serpent Distribution website
*   Wurlitzer Jukebox  
Andrew Norman's Discography
*   A R Kane  
Rough Guides: A R Kane
"a shrImpy shrIne to the musIc of a.r.kane"
*   Aerial M  
Brainwashed: Aerial M
*   Amp amp
*   And Also the Trees  
And Also The Trees website
Switchblade Paradise - The (Almost) Official And Also The Trees Fan Page
*   Anymore  
Anymore website
*   Jessica Bailiff Jessica Bailiff
*   Bark Psychosis and Boymerang  
Rough Guides: Bark Psychosis
Astralwerks: Boymerang
*   Bauhaus  
geocities: Bauhaus
Beggars Banquet: website Bauhaus
Rough Guides: Bauhaus
*   Bel Canto  
Bel Canto
*   Belly Belly
*   Bettie Serveert  
Rough Guides: Bettie Serveert
*   Big Star  
Rough Guides: Big Star
*   Birthday Party and Nick Cave  
Rough Guides: Nick Cave
*   Bjork  
Bjork website
Rough Guides: Bjork
Bjork website
*   Bowery Electric  
Brainwashed: Bowery Electric Bowery Electric
*   The Breeders  
The Breeders website
Rough Guides: The Breeders
The Amps
Kelly Deal website
Noaloha: The Breeders
*   Michael Brook  
Breakdown: Michael Brook
*   John Cage John Cage
*   Cindytalk Cindytalk
Rough Guides: Cindytalk
*   Clan of Xymox  
Clan of Xymox website
*   Cocteau Twins  
Cocteau Twins website
Rough Guides: Cocteau Twins
*   Colourbox  
The Colourbox samples list
*   Cranes Cranes Cranes
*   Curve  
Curve website Curve Curve
*   Dead can Dance and Lisa Gerrard  
Dead Can Dance website
Pieter Bourke
Lisa Gerrard website
Rough Guides: Dead Can Dance
*   Tanya Donelly  
Tanya Donelly
*   Durutti Column and Vini Reilly Durutti Column
Rough Guides: Durutti Column Durutti Column
*   Flowchart  
grid magazine: review of Cumulus Mood Twang
*   Flying Saucer Attack Flying Saucer Attack
*   Frazier Chorus  
Frazier Chorus
*   Fridge / Fourtet  
Fridge website
*   Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi  
aald: Galaxie 500
*   Lisa Germano  
geocities: Lisa Germano Lisa Germano
*   Guided By Voices  
Guided by voices website
*   Gus Gus  
etoile-polaire: Gus Gus Gus Gus
*   His Name Is Alive His Name is Alive
ESP summer, etc.
*   Hooverphonic
*   Jack  
*   Jessamine Jessamine
*   Kraftwerk  
Kraftwerk website
Rough Guides: Kraftwerk
*   Labradford  
brainwashed: Labradford
Rough Guide: Labradford
hyperreal: Labradford Pan American
*   Laika  
unofficial laika website
*   Lanterna  
*   Lilys  
Lilys website Lilys
*   Liquorice and Tsunami Tsunami Licorice
*   Locust and Mark van Hoen  
hyperreal: Locust
RS Records
Unofficial locust website
*   Long Fin Killie  
*   loveliescrushing loveliescrushing
*   Low  
Caroline: Low Low
cro-magnon: Low
*   Lydia Lunch Lydia Lunch
*   Lush Lush
curve: Lush Lush
*   Main and Loop Main
*   Massive Attack  
Massive Attack website
*   Medicine  
American Recordings: Medicine
*   Modern English Modern English
*   Mojave 3 Mojave 3
*   The Moon Seven Times The Moon Seven Times
*   Moonshake  
Moonshake website
*   Mouse on Mars  
Rough Guides: Mouse on Mars
*   My Bloody Valentine My Bloody Valentine
*   Novak novak
*   Nurse With Wound  
Brainwashed: Nurse With Wound Nurse With Wound
*   Pale Saints  
Ian Masters / Spoonfed Hybrid / Institute of Spoons
*   Pixies  
Pixies website - death to the pixies
Alec Eiffel: Pixies Pixies
*   Portishead  
Portishead website
Go Beat: Portishead
*   Quickspace and T' Faith Healers Quickspace Quickspace
T' Faith Healers
*   Rachels Rachels
*   Red House Painters  
Rough Guides: Red House Painters Red House Painters
*   Saint Etienne Saint Etienne
*   Scheer  
Scheer website
Schism Records Scheer
*   Seefeel, Scala, Disjecta, Mark Clifford  
Hyperreal: Seefeel
Rough Guides: Seefeel
Seefeel side projects
*   Seely  
Too Pure: Seely
Exploring the Planets: Seely
*   Shelleyan Orphan and Babacar  
Official Babacar website
*   Slowdive Slowdive
Rough Guides: Slowdive Slowdive
*   Kendra Smith and Opal Kendra Smith
*   Spiritualized  
Spiritualized website Spiritualized
*   Stars of the Lid Stars of the Lid
Stars of the Lid website
*   Stereolab  
Elektra: Stereolab Stereolab
*   Sundays Sundays Sundays Sundays
*   David Sylvian  
David Sylvian
*   Tarnation Tarnation
*   That Dog  
That Dog
*   Third Eye Foundation  
Rough Guides: Third Eye Foundation
*   This Mortal Coil  
This Mortal Coil This Mortal Coil
Rough Guides: This Mortal Coil
*   Throwing Muses  
Throwing Music
Rough Guides: Throwing Muses
*   Tortoise  
Brainwashed: Tortoise
*   Trans Am  
Brainwashed: Trans Am
*   Ui Ui
*   Ultra Vivid Scene  
geocities: Ultra Vivid Scene
*   Wedding Present  
Wedding Present website
*   Windy and Carl Windy and Carl
Brainwashed: Windy and Carl
*   Xmal Deutschland  
Rough Guides: X-Mal Deutschland
*   Art and Photography  
Simon Larbalestier's website
Aperture: Dominic Davies
Artbooks: Tom Baril
Interview with Simon Larbalestier
Artbooks: 4AD
Artbooks: Shinro Ohtake
*   Magazines in print  
The Wire
New Musical Express
Space Age Bachelor
*   Mail Order  
Norman Records mail order
AB-CD mail order
Claire de Leon mail order
Smash Distribution
Rough Trade mail order
Secret Sounds mail order
*   Mailing lists  
Pure-Impure information
Touched: Cindytalk
Durutti Column
Indoctrination:Dead Can Dance
Pure-Impure archives
Sycophant: Lisa Germano
Avalyn: Mojave 3 & Slowdive
*   Internet  
hyperreal: Ambient archive
Andrew Norman's 7'' singles
Tweenet Europe
Jason Morehead's Music Reviews
Tweenet US
*   23 Envelope and v23  
Timothy O'Donnell Design

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