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4AD has been one of the most influencial independent record labels of the late 20th century. Founded in 1980 as a spin-off of Beggars Banquet, they quickly gained seriously good artists and then a devoted following. Bands such as Bauhaus, the Cocteau Twins, Dead can Dance and Dif Juz - to name but a few of the early bands - distinctive record design by 23 Envelope and v23 - and the vision and shrewd business sense of the founder, Ivo Watts-Russell, have set the off-kilter music scene spinning. The 4AD-L mailing list, founded mid-eighties, must be one of the earliest electronic mailing lists devoted to a musical subject. Today, it has about 600 subscribers and a number of additional resources regarding all things 4AD, including this FAQ and two comprehensive catalogues eyesore and the other site. We don't just talk about 4AD (see etiquette) but its influence both past and present makes the list a varied, high-volume, low-noise and courteous place to discuss music.
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  1999 SCHEDULE  
LP  January 12 The Hope Blister Smile's OK Domestic release for US through mammoth records.

LP  January 12 Mojave 3 Out of Tune Domestic release for US through sire records.

EP  February 22 Thievery Corporation Lebanese Blonde (Version Francais): 8 track french release.

LP  February 23 His Name is Alive Always Stay Sweet Mexican/US release: compilation of early tracks, also available through mail order.

EP  March 1 Gus Gus Ladyshave

EP  March 23 Dif Juz Soundpool: Compilation of EP's Huremics and Vibrating Air

EP  April 12 Gus Gus Starlovers

EP  April 12 Kristin Hersh TBA: New single from her "Sky Hotel" album

LP  April 19 The Birthday Party Live

LP  May 10 Kristin Hersh Sky Hotel

LP  April 26 Gus Gus This is Normal

Since 1990, 4AD has been through a number of changes, including becoming more US-centric, having major-label deals for distribution and venturing into book publishing, but the leading music - from Kristin Kersh, His Name is Alive, The Breeders and Gus Gus for example - and strong visual identity remain the backbone of what will always be 4AD.

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