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*What is "Nature Mortes - Still Lives"?
*What is "Lonely Is an Eyesore"?
*What is "Lilliput"?
*What is "And dog bones too..."?
*What is "Mai Pen Rai..."?
*What is on the special "13 Year Itch" CD compilation?
*What is "No Balls"?
*What are "Facing The Wrong Way" and "...think I'm getting the hang of it" compilations, and how do they differ?
*What is "The Pink Opaque"? How can I get a copy?
*What is "Thurtene"?
*What is the "4AD 1987" compilation?
*What is "Shoe Pie"?
*What is this "Volume" thing?
*What is "Anakin"?
What is "Nature Mortes - Still Lives"?
Was originally released as a vinyl compilation album in Japan by 4AD and WEA International in 1982. Only a scant 500 copies of the vinyl edition were imported from Japan back to England and from there a handful managed to hit import shops elsewhere. It was therefore a very rare item, until re-released on CD in December 1997.

The re-released compilation features 12 tracks including early singles and material from the 1980 "Presage(s)" compilation. Overall, of the 12 tracks only six have been released on CD in some form. If you want a sampling of the 4AD roster circa 1980-81, this is a very "interesting" compilation, if you're interested in the pre-Cocteau Twins 4AD sound. The track listing is:

  1. The Birthday Party - Mr. Clarient
  2. Psychotik Tanks - Lets Have A Party
  3. Rema Rema - Feedback Song
  4. In Camera - Die Laughing
  5. Bauhaus - Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
  6. Mass - You & I
  7. Cupol - Like This For Ages
  8. Modern English - Gathering Dust
  9. Sort Sol - Marble station
  10. The The - Controversial Subject
  11. The Past Seven Days - Raindance
  12. Dif Juz - Re
And the extra tracks on the CD re-issue are:

  1. C.V.O.- Saragasso Sea
  2. The Past Seven days - So Many Others
  3. Sort Sol - Misguided
  4. Last Dance - Malignant Love
  5. The The - Black & White

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Mortes - Still Lives]
Nature Mortes - Still Lives

What is "Lonely Is an Eyesore"?
A 4AD compilation from 1987, featuring the usual suspects (Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Throwing Muses, Dif Juz and more.) In addition to the usual LP, CD, cassette and videocassette versions, there is a limited-edition LP with a sleeve of mind-blowing complexity and beauty (according to those who've seen it.) There is even an extremly limited wooden box version, of which only 100 were made, and if you ever find one expect to pay at least $800 for it. Brant Nelson says "there's one near where I live and the owner wants over $2000!" The video is available in both PAL (British) and NTSC (US, Japanese) formats.

From Eyesore: "CAD703X is a deluxe limited edition wooden box (100 of them exists) containing all the different editions of Lonely Is An Eyesore and some additional prints. About the box: 30 were released for sale (200 pounds each directly from 4AD), 70 were given away to the bands, distibutors of 4AD material and others. The prints were rather expensive, bringing the cost of production of the box up to 500 pounds. There are two prints, one 15x20 cm (etching) by Jinny m'Garrity, where small details differ from box to box. The other is larger, 100x200cm (by Terry Dowling), printed on rice paper. The prints were wrapped in a sealed plastic-like paper."

If you're in the UK and particularly interested, you'll find one box in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It may not be on permanent display, but they do have regular "design" exhibits.

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is an Eyesore]
Lonely is an Eyesore

What is "Lilliput"?
An ultra-fancy limited-edition boxed 4AD compilation released in 1992 as a promotional release only to mark 4AD joining with Warner Bros. It was sent to radio stations, stores and the press and was never available for purchase. It contains two CDs; one of older material, one of new material. Copies have been sighted in used record stores for up to $100. Good luck finding one.

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What is "And dog bones too..."?
The first 4AD "retail sampler". It's a promotional release only sent to stores and radio stations. Copies were also given out at CMJ shows one year.

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[...and Dog
Bones Too]
...and Dog Bones Too

What is "Mai Pen Rai..."?
A second retail 4AD sampler with sleeve printed by Bruce Licher (of Savage Republic) from Independent Project Records in Sedona, AZ. (Trivia: what 4AD song mentions this town?) In typical Licher fashion, eight different colour combinations were printed. The CD holder is entirely cardboard, with a fold-out insert containing the CD.

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[Mai Pen Rai]
Mai Pen Rai

What is on the special "13 Year Itch" CD compilation?
There were a CD and a video (PAL and NTSC), both with slightly different track listings, plus a free poster given out to everyone who bought the third 4AD poster set (FAD23) at the festival.

*eyesore listing

[The 13 Year
The 13 Year Itch

What is "No Balls"?
A 4AD promo compilation, PRO CD7300, released in January 1995. This is almost identical to the "All Virgos Are Mad" compilation, except for the RHP track...

*eyesore listing

[No Balls]
No Balls

What are "Facing The Wrong Way" and "...think I'm getting the hang of it" compilations, and how do they differ?
Both 4AD promo compilations, released mid-1995. The former (catalog FTWW1) was released in the UK only with a "buy one 4AD release from the back catalog and get FTWW free" offer at certain stores. The latter (PRO-CD-7625) was released in the US only as a giveaway at The Body Shop stores in the US. The track listings are similar but not identical.

Facing The Wrong Way:

  1. Scheer - Take You Anywhere
  2. Throwing Muses - Snakeface
  3. Red House Painters - Summer Dress
  4. Tarnation - The Well
  5. Air Miami - You Sweet Little Heartbreaker
  6. Mojave - Love Songs On the Radio
  7. Belly - Super-Connected
  8. The Wolfgang Press - Christianity [Wicked Man remix]
  9. Heidi Berry - Miracle [new version]
  10. Lisa Gerrard - Sanvean
  11. Liquorice - Cheap Cuts
  12. Kendra Smith - Valley Of the Morning Sun
  13. The Amps - Empty Glasses [4-track version]

...think I'm getting the hang of it:

  1. Scheer - Sometimes
  2. Red House Painters - Cabezon
  3. Tarnation - The Well
  4. Air Miami - Dolphin Expressway
  5. The Wolfgang Press - Christianity [Wicked Man remix]
  6. Heidi Berry - Miracle [new version]
  7. Lisa Gerrard - Sanvean
  8. Liquorice - Cheap Cuts
  9. Kendra Smith - Valley Of the Morning Sun
  10. Mojave - Love Songs On the Radio

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the Wrong Way]
Facing the Wrong Way

I'm Getting the Hang of it]
Think I'm Getting the Hang of it

What is "The Pink Opaque"? How can I get a copy?
It's a Cocteau Twins compilation from 1985, their first US release and their first CD release. It has a variety of stuff from garlands through treasure. The more obscure things on it are:

  1. A version of "Wax and Wane" with a much heavier drum sound (some prefer it, I don't.)
  2. "Millimillenary" (from a limited edition compilation tape called "Department Of Enjoyment", released by NME)

As far as we know it is out of print. Copies still regularly show up in used bins, however.

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*4ad-l reviews

[The Pink
The Pink Opaque

What is "Thurtene"?
Thurtene is a 4AD tribute compilation CD put together by Brant Nelson (list member and editor of Dewdrops, a fanzine which covers much music from 4AD). It consists of 13 bands covering 13 songs originally released on 4AD. It may be ordered from Brant at:

PO Box 5358
CA 91313-5358

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What is the "4AD 1987" compilation?
This is a Japanese-only CD compiling the 12 inches released by 4AD in 1987, viz:

  1. The Wolfgang Press Big Sex
  2. A.R. Kane Lolita
  3. Throwing Muses Chains Changed
  4. Frazier Chorus Sloppy Heart
  5. M/A/R/R/S Pump Up the Volume

(Note that this current the only form in which Chains Changed has been released on CD, but 4AD have plans to release this EP with other Muses material during 1998).

*japanese releases

[12 inch]
12 inch

What is "Shoe Pie"?
A promotional CD given away free with Doctor Martens shoes and boots in US and the UK in 1997. The track listing is:

  1. Lush - "Runaway"
  2. Throwing Muses - "Freeloader"
  3. Heidi Berry - "Holy Grail"
  4. DCD - "The Snake & The Moon"
  5. GusGus - "polyesterday"
  6. Breeders - "Safari"
  7. Scheer - "Demon"
  8. Mojave 3 - "Mercy" (string version)
  9. Pale Saints - "A thousand stars burst open"
  10. HNIA - "Nice Day"
  11. Michael Brook - "Arrival" (from Albino Aligator)
  12. Tarnation - "There's Someone"
  13. Lisa Germano - "I love a snot" (remix)
  14. Tanya Donelly - "Human"
  15. Paladins - "one step"

Art direction & Design by Paul McMenamin Photography Matthew Welch (p) and (c) 1997 4AD

Ralf Henneking mentions: "not only was it also given away in the UK, there also is a real UK version with different design on the disc itself and completely altered artwork - same ingredients but put together quite differently...Other than the US version the UK issue has a proper catalogue number, SHOE 1CD, which is only given in the matrix."

*eyesore listing

[Shoe Pie]
Shoe Pie

[Shoe Pie
Shoe Pie Poster

What is this "Volume" thing?
Volume was a periodical thingy - a CD with a very large booket, or a magazine with a free CD, depending on how you looked at it. It frequently published otherwise unreleased articles and songs of indie/alternative artists which were unavailable elsewhere.

Easily recognizable in your local record shop by its 'cover starlets' (rare species of fish) it came in a 150+ page thick multi-coloured booklet in cd format and was more recently accompanied by a CD-ROM called 'it' featuring surplus multi-media adventures. Issue 5 ("Volume 5", natch) had much notoriety on this list due to the Cocteau Twins' version of "Frosty the Snowman" and a nice interview with them.

Volume was published in the UK, but has now gone out of business. You might be able to find it in used record stores. It's the one with the fish on the cover. Frosty the Snowman was also available as a single on Fontana c/w Winter Wonderland. 4AD and related artists have contributed the following tracks for your listening and collecting pleasure:

#1 (1991)
throwing muses - red shoes (alternative version)
the wolfgang press - sucker (remix)
#2 (1991)
lush - tiny smiles
spirea x - signed dc (acoustic version)
#3 (1992)
the breeders - safari (remix)
honey tongue - let's sail away (remix)
#4 (1992)
swallow - lovesleep (vocal version)
throwing muses - firepile (remix)
#5 (1992)
bettie serveert - brain-tag (original vesion)
cocteau twins - frosty the snowman
red house painters - uncle joe (version)
#6 (1993)
ultra vivid scene - cut throat (remix)
belly - white belly (original version)
#9 (1994)
that dog - one summer night
kristin hersh - close your eyes (demo)
#10 (1994)
lush - tinkerbell
insides - tikky
#13 (1995)
throwing muses - hillbilly
#15 (1996)
cocteau twins - circling girl
scheer - don't know why?
#16 (1996)
lush - half and half
#17 (1997)
throwing muses - like a dog
cocteau twins - touch upon touch
bettie serveert - spine (live acoustic)

*partial discography

*defunct web site

[Volume 5]
Volume 5

What is "Anakin"?
A low price digipack released by 4AD in the UK previewing their releases for 1998, released February 1998. Quite a varied selection, and a few new artists. The catalogue number is TAD8001CD and is subtitled "1998 - A Preview". Cover is negative photograph of bald man [is this Vaughan Oliver?] standing in bushes with his back to us and shirt around his elbows, with Dog superimposed on his head. I presume the Dog is Anakin. The track listing (with notes) is:

His name is Alive : ain't no lie
Recorded for "Emergency Album" maybe this will appear on the forthcoming long player, (maybe not) (Dan and Liz appear courtesy of Ida)
Mojave 3 : to who should i write (demo)
Recorded at the farm in Cornwall, one from the forthcoming selection of new songs.
scheer : say what you came to say
scheer write their songs on the acoustic guitar, then shift to the heavy electric sound. Here's one from the forthcoming album that stayed acoustic.
Lisa Germano : reptile
Don't need no sunshine "...from this record I recorded with Tchad Blake"
starry smooth hound : dreamt u in a dream
Through the colour tiptoe inside you on the way the colour swim through you faithless. (note: starry smooth hound is actually vinnie miller, and this was produced by guy fixen of Laika fame)
GUSGUS : blue mug (demo version)
It's not hate, it's love
Thievery Corporation : the foundation
Recorded at ESL Studios, Washington DC, an extract from the debut LP "Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi" soon to be released in Europe. (available in the US on Eighteenth Street Lounge)
The Hope Blister : dagger
From the forthcoming album "'s ok" Producer: Ivo-Watts Russell, Voice: Louise Rutkowski, Bass: Laurence O'Keefe, String Arragement: Audrey Riley. Recording Engineer: Alex Russell, Mixing Engineer: John Fryer. Is this the idiot bastard son of TMC?
Lisa Gerrard & Pierer Bourke : sacrifice
Through the surrender of mind and flesh we find sacrifice. Through sacrifice we understand our birthright; the ability to love absolutely. (note: what a load of bollocks!)
Kristin Hersh : gazebo tree
The new album "Strange Angels" released February Also available: "Hips and Makers" (Kristin solo) blah blah

Also Recording: The Breeders and Cuba

This package was Art Directed and Designed by Vaughen Oliver & Chris Bigg at v23. Photography by Chris Bigg at v23.

4AD Web Site This Complication P & C 1998 4AD LTD (this package is dedicated to Anakin)

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