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World: Europe: Western Europe: Italy

Italy Flag (probably not correct) Pop. 32,965,504 [1901]. [JT]

Italians in the canon: Emilia Lucca, Gennaro Lucca, Guiseppe Gorgiano (Italian Americans) (REDC).
FINA: Holmes disguises himself as a venerable Italian priest in order to escape from London.

MAZA: Count Negretto Sylvius was half Italian, "with the Southern graces of manner when in the mood, but a devil incarnate in the other mood."

NAVA: The missing naval treaty was between Britain and Italy.
Percy Phelps: "'This,' said he [Lord Holdhurst], taking a gray roll of paper from his bureau, 'is the original of that secret treaty between England and Italy of which, I regret to say, some rumours have already got into the public press. It is of enormous importance that nothing further should leak out."

NAVA: Annie Harrison was described as having Italian eyes.
Watson: "She was a striking-looking woman, a little short and thick for symmetry, but with a beautiful olive complexion, large, dark, Italian eyes, and a wealth of deep black hair. Her rich tints made the white face of her companion the more worn and haggard by the contrast."

STUD: Narrator: "Not the Inquisition of Seville, nor the German Vehmgericht, nor the secret societies of Italy, were able to put a more formidable machinery in motion than that which cast a cloud over the state of Utah."

REDC: Gorgiano had earned the name "Death" in the south of Italy.
Last Modified: Oct. 12, 1998