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World: Europe: Western Europe: Paris

Capial and largest city of France, pop. 2,660,559 [1901]. [JT]

STUD: Narrator: "At last, having collected enough to keep life in him, he [Jefferson Hope] departed for Europe, and tracked his enemies from city to city, working his way in any menial capacity, but never overtaking the fugitives. When he reached St. Petersburg, they had departed for Paris; and when he followed them there, he learned that they had just set off for Copenhagen."

BRUC: The spy Oberstein had his letters forwarded to the Hotel du Louvre, Paris.

WIST: Baynes: "Yes, sir, Don Murillo, the Tiger of San Pedro. If you look it up you will find that the San Pedro colours are green and white, same as in the note, Mr. Holmes. Henderson he called himself, but I traced him back, Paris and Rome and Madrid to Barcelona, where his ship came in in '86. They've been looking for him all the time for their revenge, but it is only now that they have begun to find him out."

SECO: Eduardo Lucas had mysterious ties to Paris.

Watson: "Mitton had been in Lucas's employment for three years. It was noticeable that Lucas did not take Mitton on the Continent with him. Sometimes he visited Paris for three months on end, but Mitton was left in charge of the Godolphin Street house. ... If Holmes knew more, he kept his own counsel, but, as he told me that Inspector Lestrade had taken him into his confidence in the case, I knew that he was in close touch with every develpment. Upon the fourth day there appeared a long telegram from Paris which seemed to solve the whole question." SECO: The wife of Eduardo Lucas, Mme. Henri Fournaye, lived in a small villa in the Rue Austerlitz (fictional) in Paris.

FINA: The venerable Italian priest on Watson's train had booked his luggage through to Paris.

STOC: The Franco-Midland Hardware Company supposedly had offices in Paris.

"What are my duties?"
"You will eventually manage the great depot in Paris, which will pour a flood of English crockery into the shops of a hundred and thirty-four agents in France. The purchase will be completed in a week, and meanwhile you will remain in Birmingham and make yourself useful."
"How?" "This is a directory of Paris with the trades after the names of the people. I want you to take it home with you and to mark off all the hardware-sellers, with their addresses. It would be of the greatest use to me to have them."
Paris Click to view larger image
Place de la Concorde, Paris
c1909, Notman Photo Co.

Click to view larger photo Notre Dame and Prefecture of Police, Paris, France

Notes: Moffett Studio, c1909.

Click to view larger photo Panorama of Paris, France

Notes: Moffett Studio, c1909.

Click to view larger photo Panoramic view of Louvre, Paris

Notes: Moffett Studio, c1909.
Last Modified: Feb. 18, 1998